John will play at the ATP festival

Thanks to Mila, Laura and Kim for the various bits of this:

In a recent interview, John had announced that he would be playing at the 2005’s All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in UK. This year the festival selector is Vincent Gallo and more about the event can be read here.

Tickets for the event cost 120 British Pounds. (which is about 220 Euros or 250 dollars, FYI)

Price includes:

  1. Entry to the All Tomorrow’s Parties curated by Vincent Gallo starts Friday 22 April 2005 until at Noon until Monday 25 April 2005 at 10am.
  2. Tickets are on sale now through this website via the Seetickets group and can be purchased by clicking Buy Tickets in the menu bar on this page or by telephoning + 44 (0)-115-912-9000 or online via or in person via Stargreen Box Office on + 44 (0)207-734-8932 or or from or by calling + 44 (0)161-832-1111
  3. 3 nights accommodation in a private chalet that comes with private bedding, private bathroom with WC and shower, Kitchen with cooking facilities, fridge etc and a lounge with a colour TV

So, if you’re able to go, I’d nicely recommend you to go around forums, speak to people and get someone to share your chalet with. 🙂

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