More ATP goodies for you!

Thanks to the wonderful, giving fans, there are now two small galleries of the ATP photos available here on the site.

Go here to see photos taken by Alex Van Hamlin and here to see those taken by Hurley. Please, don’t use any of these unless the authors allowed you to. It’s not polite.

And Alex was very very nice to send me a review of John’s performance. It’s beautifully written and it follows under the “more” link.

Right, well i thought i might aswell say a few words about my experience seeing John at this years ATP Festival.

After the late, dissapointing, but strangly packed event that was the Vincent Gallo/Sean Lennon set, alot of people started to leave the fairly small and intimate room, in which John was about to appear. Bar the semi circle of hardcore Fru-fanatics pressed up against the barriers, there wern’t massive amounts of people cramming to see our favourite guitar legend. But isn’t that just what we wanted?

Right from the off, John received an exceptionally warm welcome from all of us, which helped him blast into the set with such emotion, I could feel hearts jumping. He obviously felt the same and mentioned how great it felt to play his new songs live, and how he has decided to tour with greater regularity in the future. In terms of his playing, it was near perfect, even if his hands were obviously shaking from the unexpected warm welcome each of the songs got. He really does feed off the crowd! The sound was great 99% of the time, allowing his acoustic guitar sounded crisp and fresh throughout the whole show.

During the show, John even decided to share a nugget of knowlege with us.
“Did you know, the water in your tears comes from your heart”. A perfect intro to yet another emotion packed Fru-song.

The set consisted of favourites from all of the albums. I can’t tell you the whole set-list, but I can confirm that the second part of his performance went like this:

How High
A Dove Is A Glove
The World’s Edge
Well I’ve Been
Leave All The Days
I Love You
A Song To Sing When I’m Lonely
Time Tonight
The Will To Death

It just got better and better, nobody wanted it to end. He was happy playing, and we were more than happy to listen. “Are you sure you guys
havn’t got anywhere you need to be?” he said at one point. Nope 🙂

– Alex Van Hamlin.

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  • thom

    oh my god i wish i could of been there!

    damn loaction and stupid prices… i hope we get more pictures


    and plus, john must be growing his hair again! :mrgreen:

  • goodie

    well what can i

    say?? i missed it. john played carvel and i missed it!!!!!!!! :cry::cry::cry::cry: god only knows when i get the chance

    again. oh i mention he also played will to death and i missed that too?:cry:

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