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Site updates, 01st June 2006

It's been a while since I added something to the site, but it's all for the better. The videos section has been completely revamped and now it will be much easier to search for clips. And, what's even better, there are 18 new clips: six clips from the Coppenhagen promo on 23rd April, thanks to Frederik, four clips from the Milano promo on 29th April, thanks to Shevy, How Deep Is Your Love from the Paris promo on 20th April and the KRQQ Weenie Roast on 13th May, four more clips from the NYC promo on 8th May, thanks to Stephanie Cruz and Morris, and John's complete Under The Bridge lesson from the current issue of Guitar World Magazine, as well as a short news clip about Red Hot Chili Peppers from German MTV. Happy watching.

There are also new photos in the 2006 gallery, from the album booklet, from the NASCAR NEXTEL All Star challenge and one from the British edition of GQ magazine. And, here's the very first set of pics from the NASCAR Nextel All Star challenge, taken by Kyndall Potts.

This update is being split in two, because it's, well, huge. Expect more within one day or so.


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