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No Speed Dealer Moms live…at least until further notice

For the past couple of days, I received quite a lot of emails from all of you who had tickets to the Bang Fest. I am sorry that there couldn’t have been a response beforehand (and I feel quite embarrassed for having emailed the organisers twice); just imagine how it was for them – probably much harder than it was for anyone else.

So, the news is:
Aaron and John have decided to keep Speed Dealer Moms in the studio for now; so there will be no live show at this stage..

However, Bang Face 69 on 28 Aug will be a free event for the Hard Crew and feature a Bang Face Allstars line-up! If you’d still like to party, regardless of SDM being there or not, click here for more info on the free replacement event.

Many thanks to St. Acid for his response on this matter. And here’s a hope that someday we WILL eventually hear this project *rises a glass of cold Max in the air*. Oh, and smile. ^_^

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  • Rubbiesarered

    This is very sad news for all the fans some of whom for the second time have bought tickets and air travel only to be let down again. This is damaging to the reputation of the organisers and to John. We are in a very bad recession and people have to work and save hard to be able to attend and give their support to John. The least John can do is put out a public apology for once again letting the fans down who love and have supported him.

  • Robyn

    Oh well. I was going to go, but don’t understand why some people think John should apologise for something he had nothing to do with in terms of logistics. SDM are one of several rather good, interesting and talented people that were on that night/morning. Don’t see how John is responsible for ‘letting fans down’ just as I wouldn’t think he’d be responsible for ‘letting fans down’ for poor traffic management at an RHCP gig ouside a stadium venue!
    Seriously, he’s a musician; not a tour manger, promoter, organiser or responsible for securing local permits. I feel for the organisers – can you imagine all the fans of the other performers also pointing fingers and complaining? Cripes, I’d hide under my duvet for a week! Somehow I suspect there is more to this story, given the history we have in this country regarding raves…

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