Red Hot Chili Peppers

John has been supportive of Chickenfoot, Chad says

John Frusciante and Chad Smith at the set of the Dani California video clip, 2006In the huge soup of news regarding Chickenfoot tour and a bunch of things Chad Smith has said regarding Red Hot Chili Peppers’ future, this lengthy article caught my attention and I guess this excerpt will catch your attention, too.

Smith has an eye on October, when the Chili Peppers will reconvene to prepare for a new album and tour. His fellow Chili Peppers have been supportive of his side project, says Smith — particularly guitarist and Van Halen aficionado John Frusciante.

To everyone who saw the statements from the MusicRadar podcast as the ultimate expression of hatred; given that this was probably one of the two things in that particular interview that triggered SO MANY RUMOURS….remember, taking everything someone has ever said, regardless of their mood, circumstances and what their conversation partners should’ve been focused on…is not a good idea. OK? ^_^

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  • orangevarld

    I like what is said about Chad and what he says.

    But I still wonder if it’s not ironic when he speak about Frusciante ! (I don’t think, I hope notn, but I’m not really sure)

    We can note that if he wants to see Chickenfoot again in 2010, maybe the RHCP will be quick enough to finish the album before the end of 2010.

  • Cloud

    this makes me happy, ill be wearing my chilis shirt proud tonight at the pedulum gig im goin to lol ^_^

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