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Press reactions on the most recent RHCP news and a playlist

RHCP for Spin Magazine in 2006There’s nothing officially said by the rest of the RHCP after Chad Smith told Billboard they’re going back to their usual jamming in October last Friday. However, this was apparently distributed to all news agencies, as media is totally mad about it and us who get news alerts and clippings can only curse the day we were born.

So, for all of you, here’s a compilation of these news items. I think it’s interesting to see how each site worded it, and some of them have included some videos and photos that you can enjoy and rewind your memories; while some others still use agency photos from the last century.

Ultimate Guitar
Clash Music
The Celebrity Cafe
NME (same as this – thank you, Tom!)
MTS Mondo speaks ENGRISH, boo (thank you for these two, Bojana!)
Icon vs. Icon
The Queitus
Rolling Stone (they didn’t review The Empyrean, remember?)
The Music Magazine
Kerrang! (some odd comments there, kinda funny)
New York press
Faster Louder

And, for everyone who’s already in frenzy (/me doesn’t approve, really…it’s 2009, the world’s changing, help it out on its baby steps to change instead of only wanting this); here’s a little compilation of cool moments from the last 21 years, in form of a playlist on Invisible Movement’s video channel:

1990 – Young, crazy and naked
Young, focused and talented
1990 – In a charity game show
1991 – Commercial for Nike
1991 – Anthony, John and a clarinet in NYC
1998 – Guess who’s back?
1999 – Reunited
2000 – Mainstreaming the socks
2002 – One of the many awards won
2004 – Honouring Johnny Ramone
2006 -The secrets of their most popular song ever
2006 – The start of the tour
2006 – The Yin and Yang
2006 – The song’s name says it all
2007 – Grammy Awards
2007 – Who said you can’t rock without Anthony?
2007 – Higher Ground in front of 100 000 people – Hey, I was there.
2007 – The end of the tour

UPDATE – 04th August 2009 More press reactions were added to the list.

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  • Cloud

    nice work, it doesnt take long for the sites to jump on the wagon of this sort of news, cant wait to hear some new material from the band, id be happy waiting a couple years for it, its just nice to know its happening (hopefully)
    thanks for this

  • shalhevet

    these news spreaded like a fire! let’s don’t jump into it like the media does. i think we should wait to an official news. anyway even if the band will decide to continue with their break then i am happy. because if they don’t feel ready to play then they shouldn’t do it.

  • michalina (c.h.)

    thank you very much for those things!

    btw I think shalhevet is really right. rhcp should do something only if they really want to. music without love and passion isn’t music at all!

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