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Saturday Question #26 – What do you expect from RHCP’s return to studio?

The 26th Saturday question is on. Since there was too much hype in the last ten days or so, well, the quiet Saturdays had to give in to that hype as well. Then again, this week’s question is being asked by a site visitor (an awesome one, for that matter). So, yes, it’s about RHCP jamming again and woulda coulda shoulda kind of stuff.

Tatiana asks:
What kind of a new album do you expect from RHCP once they return to studio in October? A rock one, a more melodic BTW-like one, a funk one or something completely different?

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  • David

    I actually like the last album (here comes the downpour πŸ™„ ). I thought it had a good variety of songs, but I think that the next album should be an all-out rock album. I would also hope that they do a decent size tour afterward, but I think they should only do this if they are all up to it. Honestly, I’m sure whatever they make will be awesome, IF they choose to do anythng.

  • Ryan Dunn

    I think it depends all on the producer if its rubin i think they will stick around stadium arcadium but it might be nice to see something completely different, and really experiment with everything πŸ˜†

  • orangevarld

    Anything would be good.

    But I would prefer something completely different, a short album of good quality, A LITTLE more melodic/BTW and less rock/SA, maybe a little more dark (I mean, SA was already plenty of tunes to be fit), and I’m curious to see what it would be with another producer.

    Less realistic, I would be so curious to hear the album if they say that they will make something like Frusciante made with The Empyrean, a story, or an album inspired by a book or something like that.

  • CatholicSchoolGirl

    I guess it would be good to make the tunes more funky, after a long brake it is possible to return to on older vibe more like on BSSM, it’s not entirely possible it’s sure, but at least the vibe.
    As for Rick Rubin, he’s a good one! he produced BSSM, so he’s capable of doing sth less “pop-rock-little funk” like SA. But I’m sure that if they decide to do something, after such a long break, it will be at least very good (SA was good+ for the solos and good ideas, not great for the ‘overproduction’ and ‘smoothing what might be a little more rough’ by Rubin).

  • behnood

    only a hard rock album full of the likes of Readymade or My Lovely Man would be pleasant with heavy metal riffs and rocking choruses. the band needs to abndon its mild attitude like the one on the By The Way album, but i’m sure they would carry on producing the same stuff cause they are getting older and as a result they are becoming softer in style. it’s a pity that they are beginning to forfeit their wild persona, as opposed to bands like metallica who still feel like teenagers when recoding new material. for RHCP, it would be a disaster to write mellow songs with so much treatments and effect like the one John did on The Empyrean which was consequentially ignored by critics due to its boring and mild tunes.
    yes, a ten song album that starts off with a bombshell like Around The World will once again ignite the fever for RHCP,otherwise they will disappoint many rockers….John is turning this band into a pop band…he is the culprit….we know about the taste of the other three..they are true rockers, but John has lost his rock-personna unless he proves this judgement to be wrong by creating some hard rock stuff.

      • JTGreat

        Sticking to the same material does not make a band. RHCP are able to recreate themselves over and over with new styles and that is what makes them special.

  • Paris

    I want a 10 track album with 8 six min songs, experimental, dark, rock, electronic, with lots of rhythm guitars, totally radio unfriendly like a solo John Frusciante album feat Flea, Chad and Anthony plus a couple of red hot chili peppers authentic style radio friendly hits πŸ˜‰

    Oh and it definitely has to be recorded in Rubins Mansion and co produced by John

  • supes616

    one thing i like about RHCP is that up until Stadium Arcadium every album felt different. each album had its own style. but then came Stadium Arcadium! SA felt like all these different styles came together to make one amazing double album. It felt like a sort of culmination.

    this is why i would like to see something different. i’m sure i’ll love whatecer they do however. i would like to see a concept album though. i want to see them elevate their game. they should go for uncharted territories.

  • Allen

    I honestly couldnt care less because I feel the band could make anything work as long as they are happy with what their creating so as long as the music feels like it came from their souls then im sure it will be amazing.

    • Sue

      I agree with Allen, and would add that I honestly couldn’t predict what it might be like either.

      It would somehow reflect their varying interests, influences, knowledge and experiences gained over the past 2 years.

      But, exactly how these might meld together and what sound it might produce, I have no idea, and that’s the really interesting part…

  • shalhevet

    well, actually i don’t expect anything, i wanna be blown away like i was when i heard stadium arcadium. i want the guys to take their time and make a good album. i’m sure the last experiences they had in their carreer ( like chad in chickenfoot and bombastic and john’s solo album and projects and flea’s being in school music of UCLA) only helped them grow musically and now they will bring new and fresh ideas to the rhcp’s new album. anthony had his own personal experience by becoming a dad for the first time and i’m sure this will effect his lyrics. all i wanna wish them is good luck and that i’m waiting to see them live on stage again!!!

  • April

    I’m thinking they all might contribute things they’ve been doing over the hiatus John might bring in more technical knowledge, Chad may be having beats he experimented with Chikenfoot and Flea may use his Jazzy appoaches in bass.When all of that mixes I have a feeling it will have a different feel& groove to it than SA or even BTW..
    But still for all will have that RHCP signature style on it.

  • April

    Whatever they usually end up doing comes out great…If they are ready to creat new material, I want to hear whatever they’ve got.

  • Matty

    Wow, lol I almost am tempted to say “All of the above” because as I read down the comments, everyone is making a good point more or less. The thought of a new RHCP album makes me go crazy (in the good way). I wouldn’t want them to do anything too experimental because that’s John Frusciante and not RHCP. If anything I’d want them to do something completely new that they haven’t done before. They’ve been around for a while and have put out a lot of commercially successful AND musically lovable tracks, so it would really be a testament to their creativity IMO if they took their music in a completely new direction instead of creating a collage of their previous music.

  • Jack

    Anything will be good, I’d just love to hear what frame of mind they’re in at the moment. I do hope this is not all media talk and they actually get back together again though. I hope Chad comes out of the ‘playing down’ thing he does in the Chili Peppers too (I’m being biased there though, being a drummer) and I hope John does some production too, he seems to have alot of fantastic creative ideas. Either way, I’m sure whatever they come up with will be Chili-tastic and I’m excited to hear whatever they have to offer, even if its true…

  • zspot9

    I definitely feel like each member’s experiences during the hiatus can’t help but influence the direction of the music. As it is, John’s feelings at any given moment tend to dictate the sound of the band disproportionately. That being said, I have no way of knowing what he currently is into, or what he might be into come October and beyond. All I do know is that John lives and breathes music, and he definitely is on top of his game, both technically and creatively. Flea has been studying music and should have a somewhat fresh perspective. Chad’s (obviously) been on top of the beats haha..and Anthony…well, I’m not even sure what he’s been doing. But when they come together they’re pure dynamite and I don’t expect a wild departure from their general body of work. A few hard, a few soft, hopefully some truly innovative and enjoyable songs…I hope they get at least one acoustic track. Another double album wouldn’t hurt (especially considering how infrequent their releases are).

  • Tristan

    One word: Anything.
    But if it had to be ANYTHING, then a cross between “Californication” and “Stadium Arcadium”. Eh, something like that. I’ll love them either way…

  • Mary


    Absolutely anything!!! I don’t want them to feel pressured I just want them to be the amazing group they are when they play together, to love it and be happy. I’m only listening to them this month hoping to send some positive vibes. It tears my heart that I “discovered” them after they took a break and having the honor of watching them play live would be a true gift.

    • JD

      i have only seen them once, and i wish i have seen them at least 100 times more. there is a reason why they are this loved by fans and critics alike. The chemistry they have is unrivaled. The musicianship is as well unrivaled. πŸ˜‰ 😎

  • JD

    im guessing it it will be their last album, and of course, they would pull out all the stops, all the bells and whistles in town to make sure that this is THE definitive Peppers album. Everyone is at their respective pinnicles musically and i think this will be the one final, and last hurrah. god im happy that there was no breakup. even though i think they are coming to a close. The logic of my opinion is loosely based upon how excellent SA was, and how can they really top themselves? they are the best and no one can change that as of now. 😎

  • Cal

    Personally, if this is going to be their last album, they should film the whole process of recording. Just like Funky Monks. IF they do film it, it would probably be a really emotional documentary because it will show how they are all coming together for one last album and putting everything they have on the table for our eyes to see and our ears to eat. πŸ˜›

  • willerd8

    I feel like chads gunna bring more rock to the next album just because chickenfoot is rock, but idk what
    john will do, it wont be anything like the empyrean because thats his work and the kind of stuff he wants
    to put on his own album, but when he comes together with flea they both bond and write the kind of
    music only the chili peppers can write, and anthony will without a doubt write the same brilliant lyrics
    that he writes, and his voice has gotten much better over the years so his lyrics will sound kinda like
    stadium arcadium and By The Way. In the long run there new album will consist of BEAUTIFUL
    would like to hear is them doing another cover song preferably another hendix tune because that would
    be awsome for john because he know hendrix like the back of his hand

  • Ailin

    Well… I would like They return a little to the style from Californication!!

    Californication was the RHCP’s Disc Best sold. And then By the way comes and doesn’t trascend the Hit of Californication… i think ‘cuz By the way was softer than Californication!! πŸ™‚
    and it didn’t have the energy of Californication!!
    And i don’t say By the way was bad… ‘cuz it wasn’t, By the way is a great disc!!

    I would like the New Disc has That energy and intensity from Californication!!!!! πŸ˜€
    Or… a mix from Californication with another disc from RHCP!!! πŸ™‚


  • Erika

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    I´m so happy for that!!!!

    It would be good if they return to the funky-punky tunes but only in a few songs
    other songs can have some californication´s taste and something like By the Way! πŸ˜‰

    But anyway they will come out with great music!!!!

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    And they have to a documentary!!!!!!
    like Funky Monks!

  • L1220

    just because chad said they were going back to the studio doesnt mean its true- hes been saying this for many months before this and no one got this hyped out about it

  • catalina

    i just would like something that’s good, that speaks to me the way their previous work has. πŸ˜›

  • unfrieden

    I stil hope, this “reunion” (let’s call it that, I know it isn’t the right term) is a rumour. I’ve always liked the Chili Peppers, I enjoyed Stadium Arcadium, but after The Empyrean I can’t imagine loving/adoring an album by the RHCP. And I always want to love every new album more than the last one. That’s the requirement for a new album.

    Right now I can’t listen to RHCP songs because The Empyrean (and, in fact, all other John records) is so awesome.
    I’d rather have 2-3 John records than 1 RHCP one. Best would be both, of course – I could deal with that. πŸ™‚
    I’m still waiting for a John-Omar-Flea-Josh-album, though.

    As people said: I’d fancy a dark, deep, exciting, fresh, (not funky) story driven new album, which people who sing “Dream of Californication!” at parties will hate. Produced by somebody else than Rick Rubin – why not Omar?

  • Hladilnik

    It will be as special as all their albums before, so nobody knows what is sound going to be like.
    But it will probably be their last album, because they are just too much into their own ways, such as John.

  • thankyouforlistening

    I listened to SA and the songts that came out BEFORE SA like Fortune Faded and Save the Population, and those live unknown songs from the Hyde Park show… it seems like those songs right before SA were awesome, and more bare, which is a good thing. I love parts of SA but I think it was an experiment in extreme production techniques that for me proved they’re better a bit more basic. I hope they go back to some of those tracks they were great. And I’m sorry but some of them were just better SONGS… I’ll take Fortune Faded over almost anything on SA.

  • hotteyez

    id say that whatever they come out with id be over the moon.
    however i wouldnt mind they do some songs alike from bssm but
    at the same time doesnt worry me.
    Just want this to be true that the rhcp are jammin together in october for a
    new album πŸ˜›

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