N.A.S.A. remix contest & collection of Way Down remixes

N.A.S.A. remix contestA fan of remixes? Did you like N.A.S.A.’s album? This one’s for you, then!

As reported by Paste magazine (who should’ve reported it a bit earlier, really), Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon offered a spot on the new remix album and 1000$ for the best remix of one of the songs off Spirit Of Apollo. In addition to that, everyone who tweets about this might win something, too.

The submissions are closed, but you can still have some fun of your own if you like things like this. Go to the competition page on Indaba Music and listen to the separate files of each song’s parts. For example, for Way Down, the track John’s on, there’ll be separate files of the acapella and the instrumental (two other good news of its own, for everyone who wanted to hear one without the other) in .wav format.

Here are the best-ranking remixes of Way Down, the rest is available under a cut. To view all remixes of all songs, go here.

Remix by Bread Box Beats [in top 10!] Remix by STEPHEN MAY
Remix by stro89
Remix by Mee crob

If you’ve participated in this and if one of the remixes of Way Down is yours, please send over an email explaining which are the link(s) to your submission(s), so they can get a special shout-out. If you’ve not participated because it wasn’t widely advertised, yet you’re feelingc reative, send over the links as well, it would be interesting to hear your versions; as long as nobody minds us doing so.

Remix by Thomas E.
Remix by Morris Hayes
Remix by Eep Thurston
Remix by DJ Well aka Jeff
Remix by Vitor Viz
Remix by Reg Jaxsun
Remix by James Nellen
Remix by Anon.
Remix by bay hiatus
Remix by Logan Anderson
Remix by Elliot C
Remix by Slap Bracelet Band
Remix by Javier T.
Remix by TeamBanzai!
Remix by Rebel I
Remix by dale P.
Remix by Andrew Murray Baardsen
Remix by Faruk Salic
Remix by Daniella B
Remix by King {Azure Noir}
Remix by Kevin Lassiter
Remix by DJ Roach
Remix by kesha one
Remix by Tomas PhUsloN
Remix by Arzach
Remix by sunshine 2010
Remix by il moto stupdo del tecnico
Remix by Nicholas “Nocky J” C.
Remix by simon templa
Remix by viny rodrigues
Remix by J Wild
Remix by Roman Czarnomski
Remix by Andreas K
Remix by Quality Beatz
Remix by Nick A.

I hope everyone enjoyed this little remix marathon and perhaps decided to create their own remix.

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