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The Heart Is A Drum Machine on Amazon; featuring a 25 minute John interview!

The Heart Is A Drum Machine DVDAfter its release date was confirmed by its producer, Ryan Page; and as of today, also by Lightyear Entertainment (who explained that there might be a slight delay before it’s on their website – many thanks to Sky for the explanation); The Heart Is A Drum Machine is now available for pre-order on Amazon as well. So far, it’s only on the American site and you can pre-order it by clicking here.

The DVD’s running time is 73 minutes and it’s been spiced up by awesome new cover art. Click the post thumbnail to enlarge it and see how good it is.

But what is the best thing about this DVD release? It features extra footage – a 25 minute long, uncut interview with no other than John – unlike the film version which contained only a short excerpt. As it was noted in the interviews around the film’s release, mr. Page and Mr. Pomerenke were fascinated by John and his approach to music.

“He really floored us. We’d already gotten so many rich interviews, but he was . . . If music is here,” says Pomerenke, holding his extended palm over his head, “then he was underneath it from the get-go,” he adds, dropping his hand to his chest. “We talked to him for an hour and a half. We only got two questions in, but it doesn’t matter, because he gave us the best interview of anybody. He talked about his cats. He went to some analyst primarily because he was concerned about how his cats appreciated his music.”

So…I assume you’re all looking forward to it as much as I do! Watch this space for more updates on this.

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