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All Saints’ cover of Under The Bridge makes it to A-Z…as Z-list

All SaintsIn a countdown of cover songs from A-Z that was published on Friday on MusicRadar, the interesting thing came at the very end. All Saints’ infamous cover of Under The Bridge made it to the list as Z.

What does that Z stand for? Z stands for Z-list.Here’s what Emma Davies of MusicRadar had to say about it and, based on common sense and general experience, I find that many of this website’s visitors will, frankly, agree with her:

There’s no better way for a band to speedily raise their profile than by banging out a song which is already over-familiar to the masses.

So… All Saints covering the Red Hot Chili Peppers, anyone? And before anyone says, we loved Pure Shores but honestly, leave the bloody Chili Peppers alone…

What do you all think? Was this the worst Red Hot Chili Peppers’ cover ever or is there anything that makes you even more annoyed? There are more cover versions of that song…for example, Taylor Dane of Tell It To My Heart fame covered it two years ago.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge (iTunes originals, 2006)

All Saints – Under The Bridge (official music video, 1998)

Dick Brave and the Backbeats – Give It Away (official music video, 2004

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  • Peretta

    Even though it's not exactly a cover, Crazy Town's sampling of the melody from "Pretty Little Ditty" was pretty damn annoying.

  • Wihlborg

    When I saw the All saints cover a couple of years ago I just wanted to kill the members of the band. Although I thought the cover of Give it away was really cool.

  • Shade

    I remember hearing this cover. They basically killed the song by filtering it so many times and mixing it in an overkill of layers. But songs like this thrive on their mistakes as much as their successes, and I'm not surprised that the producers of this group didn't realise that. I know it sounds a bit snobby when I put it like that, but in simpler terms it's much more agreeable to say that when these girls sing the words they sound empty and without meaning. It's in danger of being a cross of being annoying and discardable.

  • Abi

    first time hearing the All Saints cover, and it made me vomit a little. When a song is that emotional, you just don't mess with it. period.

  • femme fetale

    somewhere on youtube the band are asked "what do you think of all saints" and anthony says "well i think chad would like to meet the blonde one" haha

    but seriously i really cannot imagine how anybody connects to music like all saints its so sterile and i think they actually got to no1 ???

  • greg

    yeah.. even the give it away one is crap. but i love when john backs up anthony in under the bridge, second verse i believe.. eargasmic

  • Nadia

    Good God, that cover was an abomination.

    Note to singers/musicians/bands:

    DO NOT attempt to cover the Chili Peppers. They have a style that's all their own. You will only fail. Miserably.

  • A-tay

    In my taste of music this is a bad cover, but it is still music and they shouldn't be mocked

  • Irene

    i kinda liked that second cover. but the All Saints cover took away the feeling of Under The Bridge. no one should mess with a song like that

  • Luka

    I can't say I despise the second cover, they did it totally different, while those doing Under the Bridge didn't even care enough to record their own guitar parts, which is miserable.

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