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John’s featured in an episode of The Guitar Show (tonight, tomorrow, Saturday)

The Guitar ShowSome excerpts of Barry Cleveland's interview with John for the Guitar Player magazine, November 2006 issue, will be a part of this week's episode of The Guitar Show.

After positive feedback they have received when they aired a segment of it in February, the author and producers of The Guitar Show have decided to air another segment of Barry Cleveland's 2006 interview with John in their program; and they'll be doing so this week - tonight, tomorrow and on Saturday! Once again, it's the real deal, not super-polished stuff you find in magazines. It's how it really was.

This is how the staff of The Guitar Show presented it:

In this week's Writer's Archive segment, we'll hear an excerpt from a 2006 interview with Red Hot Chili Peppers' John Frusciante conducted by Barry Cleveland, Associate Editor at Guitar Player magazine. Cleveland's interview coincided with the release of the Chili Peppers' Stadium Arcadium double album. In this excerpt, Frusciante describes recording "Death of a Martian" and "Warlocks" — two songs on Stadium Arcadium — and explains how he was influenced by the way funkmaster George Clinton would mix the early Parliment/Funkadelic albums.

The Guitar Show airs at 11:00pm EST / 10:00pm CST on 107.1FM WRFN Radio Free Nashville and on the web; as well as each Friday, on at 10:00pm CST and each Saturday night, we're on at 8:00pm CST on Dewberry Jam Community Radio. For counting when is this aired in your time zone, use the World Clock.

Just like it was last time, the interview segment will be streamable from Monday on. Just go to, click on the Interviews button and select it. There are also many interviews with other guitarists, from various spheres of the music world.

UPDATE: The mp3 file of the interview excerpt is now available for everyone to listen.

Many thanks to John Haring, the show's producer, for letting Invisible Movement readers know about this.

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  • CMD313

    How do I wake up early when I am not sleeping? Can't wait!

  • Chris G.

    So it's an excerpt which covers Warlocks and Death of a Martian... What's in the full interview, and how do I get my hands on it? 🙂

  • Iva

    For the written and edited version, look at the "You might also want to check out" section. I believe you read that already, given that I knew of you before I even started this website.

    For the unedited, spoken version, I am not sure how much of it was given to The Guitar Show by Mr. Cleveland, but we can always ask, they're nice people. 🙂

  • Chris G

    Never mind. I saw the link to the guitar player interview!

  • Chris G.

    Wow. I always love reading about his treatments on SA, since you learn so much and I'm about to start recording my first record, but I got kinda bummed out when I got to that last part of the interview:

    "The band has got such a new energy since we've started getting along better, and we're just flying on stage now. You can put me up there with no effects and a tiny combo amp and I would still feel great - as long as we have that feeling between us."

    That tour really must have killed him. To go from such enthusiasm for playing live with a band he loved to the complete opposite.

    I'm exited for RHCP with Josh and all, but I can still get a bit sad when I think about the fact that SA was the last John&RCHP record.

  • Lo*

    Thank you, The Guitar Show !

    Are we going to get the whole thing in future ?

  • Fiona

    Is it downloadable anywhere? I only have a pc at work to listen to it! :s

    Oh and thanks The Guitar Show and Iva! 🙂