Carlos Santana - Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Carlos Santana covers “Under The Bridge”

The guitar legend Carlos Santana just released his new album, Carlos Santana – Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time.

Carlos Santana - Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time
Carlos Santana - Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time

The title pretty much speaks for itself – mr. Santana is covering a lot of songs famous for their melodies and riffs. Guest singers, ranging from Chris Cornell to India Arie are also present. Now, why does this matter? Because the last track on the CD/DVD deluxe version of the album is a cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Under The Bridge, with Andy Vargas on vocals and Carlos Santana doing John.

You can buy this pretty much flattering tribute from an older legend to a younger legend as a single mp3.

Previously, Under The Bridge was covered infamously by British girl group All Saints, as well as artists such as Taylor Daine, Weird Al Yankovic; interpolations were used by Girl Talk and DJ Moondance and recently it was discussing this on the board, too.

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  • RHCP-lover!

    I always keep thinking it's a shame people try to cover this song! However this is very nice, I still keep with my first opinion! This song should not be covered!! The meaning of the song is to big and important to cover it!!
    Love RHCP!! And JFrusciante off course!!

  • emil002

    I echo the sentiments above. this song should just be left alone, even AK Flea and Chad talk about how if this song isnt played with John, its no where near the same…..a reason why they dont play it without John (at least ive never heard it played without him). So if they arent doing it….no one should be.

    This is by far the best cover of it though, by one of my fav musicians.

  • Deepak

    This actually isn't too bad. It's pretty good in fact! I like it when artists don't just create a carbon copy of a song and actually add their own flavour to it, this is a great example. I still think the original holds an amazing quality that cannot be duplicated. This song shouldn't have a solo though.

  • yurey

    OK people this is Carlos Santana we are talking about. He is one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time, pre dating Frusciante. He is an extremely, extremely innovative and important figure in the history of the development of popular music in America. The original Santana band from the 60s and 70s were the first to fuse traditional Latin music with rock and blues influences from America. "Oye Como Va" changed American music forever, introducing Latin sounds into the American mainstream. This is like Music History 101 here.

  • yuley

    If you've ever seen Carlos play live, you know the fire, passion and virtuosity that goes behind his playing that is truly amazing. The many great albums, from Santana, Abraxas, Santana III, all the way to Supernatural and after, showcase this. I don't think we should be criticizing Carlos Santana's music interpretation of anything, he's a living legend, and dare I say it, superior in ability and influence to Frusciante- though he is one of the FEW that fall into that category. The "Under The Bridge" cover isn't trying to copy the original, it is taking a great tune and putting Santana's unique spin on it, combining his Latin and Blues influences into an alternative rock song. Also I must add, I feel strongly that if one hasn't seen Santana's band live in concert they might not get this cover as much as someone who has seen them live. The end expecially is reminiscent of a Latin jam they would go into, improvising through their songs. I also think that this cover is a testament to Frusciante's excellent songwriting abilities that it stands up to such a radical change that creates this beautiful song in a whole new way.
    Also, this is wayyyy old news.

    • geox123


      Really, I don't think a lot of you guys are giving this cover a chance. While nothing can compare to the original, that's just it. I question the constant soloing over the verses and chorus, but I will not dismiss the very obvious intensity and feel of the solo during the outro. If the argument is whether or not this cover is emotional, I think it is. It is not your standard fast playing and showoff-y technique; Santana is genuinely feeling the music.

  • Bruceter

    Yes, Carlos Santana is a legend but that should not sway anybody's opinion on what he is doing now. As a huge RHCP and JF fan I can't help but think this cover does a disservice to a legendary song. It sounds lifeless. This singer gives it an "adult contempary" feel somehow. Although I'm sure if John attempted to cover Evil Ways or Soul Sacrifice or something he would have a hard time competing with the original… OR he'd collaborate with Omar Rodriguez Lopez and it would be deadlyl! Nice guitar chops though Carlos.

  • Xpld

    I miss the feeling in this version, same with "Riders On The Storm". I mean, it sounds quite cool, but somehow heartless. Overdose of licks, lack of emotion. And Under the Bridge should never, never be played like that.

  • DoctorZod

    To me I just hear a guitarist playing over a chord progression, and it turns me off. Most songs are not backing tracks to shred on top of and show off with. Some songs demand solos, while others don't. One of the great things about the chili peppers is that I heard muscians playing with their souls and not their egos. If a song demands a solo then Fruscainte plays with heart, and not to show off.

    We all know that this music comes from a dark place. The original has a lo-fi feel to it's sound that matches the songs heart. It just is not the sort of track that demands an ego solo wankathon.

    Santana is a good player, but this song choice is bad taste.

  • dj619gior

    I thought this was a very original cover. I am a big RHCP/Frusciante and santana fan. To be a correct I am a big fan of Santanas early work. He tried so hard to become americanized and it had an effect on his later albums. But this cover blew me away which is very hard to do. Thanks for sharing this!

    -Dave G

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