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Andy Gill: “Chili Peppers based career on us”

As per a couple of different news sources – Andy Gill, producer and Gang of Four member, claims that the Red Hot Chili Peppers based their career on his band’s career. Moreover, he claims that Can’t Stop is more or less plagiarism.

“The guitar on their single ‘Can’t Stop’ was directly from one of our early songs and when I heard it I thought ‘that’s going a bit far’. I bumped into their bass player, Flea, a few years back at a party and he said, ‘Andy, I just don’t understand why you’ve never sued us’.”

He also reflected on the famous turd in the pizza box incident during the recording of the band’s maiden album. If you’re interested in that, you can read further, this news item contains only what’s relevant to John.

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  • Alex

    He hasn't sued them yet coz he doesn't want to draw attention to the fact he was responsible for the Chilis first album being utterly awful.

  • RIn

    i love gang of four, but they made two great punk-disco records and then fell apart. the chilis made 4 punk-funk records and then got better! hardly the same career path!

  • thatdoesntsoundright

    Well, the pepper's new album is coming out this year.

    Might as well get some publicity.

  • Justin

    I'm curious to hear the song he said Can't Stop was ripped from. Why wouldn't he give the name? If there was anything credible about that statement, I feel like he would have given the name.

    • froosh

      yeah, 'inspired by us' would be appropriate, but 'based career on us' is going too far… didn't anthony write in his book that he and flea used to listen to gang of four together?

  • 2cents

    I think the Gang of Four song called "What We All Want" has got to be the song Gill is talking about. The opening guitar riff to both songs are similar.

  • Marko

    the guy is a joke! maybe even peppers are laughing with him knowing he can`t do any harm. I MEAN CAREER???? Dany was on a good lead in his/her post (it was John@Paradiso and someone shouted play Under the bridge ripp off`s) and he made a joke about whole thing playing 2 songs with simular or sam cords ,people laugh… and someone named that UTB rip off`s just because he didnt know how else to neme it 🙂 and i agree on rest of Danny s post. I dont know gentleman`s work in music but i think he cant be a shadow of John musically.
    this guy – it s sad so sad it s a sad sad situation ,and it s getting more and more apsurd. im bad in english so sry for any mistakes but this guy make me lil angry so i had to write something

  • Ben

    RHCP, countless hits, several albums so far (most of which highly successful) and their whole career is based off of one or two small similarities in what is probably only one song, can't stop (why he couldn't name more i don't know). No way. And that whole "i don't understand why you've never sued us" thing seems to be like when flea used to say when he listened to p-funk that he copies that shit all the time. I think for anyone who could ever doubt the credibility of the RHCP career, they need to see them jam out full on improvising, they do it better then anyone and that proves it all.

  • Xpld

    Rip-off? C'mon, if we're really talking about the bass in "What We All Want", it's only quite similar to the intro (being, I guess, the least important part in a structured song) of "Can't Stop".
    And BASING CAREER on it??? :D:D:D Such a pity the Chilis already sold millions of records before the 21st Century.
    Perhaps Flea made a joke and he just didn't get it :p

  • allen

    Jeff Buckley's Eternal Life intro is pretty much the exact same as Cant Stop's intro- it certainty doesent make it a rip off.

    • Lindsey

      I don't know where I've been, but I've listened to "Eternal Life" plenty of times and NEVER noticed the blaring similarity to "Can't Stop." It's exactly the same, haha.

  • rolando

    most people want to influence someone in some way…this is the only bloke that wants to influence NO ONE!! no one has said this, but maybe flea was being sarcastic, in other words, he hasn't sued, b/c there is nothing to sue about….

  • jlp

    there is a thin line between plagiarism and influences. frusciante is above plagiarism, like most real artists. Maybe Gill should recognize that thin line and grow some thicker skin.

  • Jon frost

    Who's this Band of Four Again… do they hold the record of eleven number one singles on the Modern Rock charts? Have they won 7 grammys? Do they have 3 singles in the top 10 of the billboard hot 100? And did this Band of Four ever have 258,000 fans paid over $17,100,000 for tickets over three nights; Hyde Park ranked #1 on Billboard's Top Concert Boxscores of 2004… Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. BOF should be grateful that a band so well respected is inspired by their music.

  • M.A.

    Good point Pistol Pete, none of that stuff Jon mentioned necessarily makes a band better. And a lot of famous bands made it big by ripping off what was awesome about lesser known bands and making themselves a more commercial version of them. It makes me mad because often the originators of the creativity are made fun of, laughed at, and scorned at first, and bear the scars, and then just when something finally starts to get a hint of coolness, somebody else swoops in and hacks their style getting all the glory.

    Still I did think it was a bit haughty of Andy to say that, because the Chili Peppers are the type of band that 1)has A LOT of influences, they are a very diverse band, 2)are good enough at what they do to be successful at pulling off a lot of different styles and 3)usually do put their own spin on it when they are copping a style from someone. Not only are they far from a band that just takes the commercial top of a trend and ride it to popularity, they are the kind of band that integrates their influences into their music without ripping them off.

    • Iva

      It can be a glitch, Intense Debate is buggy and it's beyond my control as it's an add-on. It will probably show up at some point…if it doesn't, feel free to resubmit.

      Also, try not to use that imperative tone next time. 🙂

      • marko

        Well, i wrote pls. 😀 tnx for reply. i lost mojo for this topic now, i was lil` mad when i readed this silly man. I have mojo for John`s birthday so…see you over there 🙂

  • leakeg

    "Who's this Band of Four Again… do they hold the record of eleven number one singles on the Modern Rock charts? Have they won 7 grammys? Do they have 3 singles in the top 10 of the billboard hot 100? And did this Band of Four ever have 258,000 fans paid over $17,100,000 for tickets over three nights; Hyde Park ranked #1 on Billboard's Top Concert Boxscores of 2004…"
    yeah because it's a well known fact that popularity implies greatness.
    eg. Lady Gaga, Kesha, Brittany Spears, Pink….

  • Jon frost

    Thank you to everyone who corrected my insubordinate attitude and/or tone. I understand that I came across as negative and elitist, but most of my point was missed. I understand that "popularity" does not define great music. I am merely saying that Gang of Four (a fine musical act and I am familiar with all of their music) might consider RHCP's similaries/borrowing/copying/mimicking within some of their music a complement. And that list of achievements was only back up to how well respected RHCP's hard work and musical prowess is by their fans. My sincere apologies. "Creations not something I did
    It's something that I do" -JF

  • henk

    The reason that Gill said this is that his feelings are a little bit hurt. Read Scar Tissue coz AK said that Andy sucked as a producer

  • dMK

    The song Andy is most likely referring to is called "Natural's Not In It" on their 1979 album "Entertainment". And yes it has some striking similarities to can't stop. Also worth mentioning if you never heard it. Flea's comment to the song Can't Stop on their "By The Way" iTunes interviews was "God bless the gang of four." and that was that.
    I know a very late reply but i never got around to it before :p (perhaps noone will read it anyways)

    • Iva

      I think the riff from Shania Twain’s “Honey I’m Home” is far more similar than what you just mentioned. There is similarity, and both songs have nonsense lyrics; but the resemblance is not as striking.

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