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John on new Swahili Blonde song, Etoile De Mer

Swahili Blonde camp is apparently working on a new album titled Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink, which is set for release sometime in August this year. The first track, Etoile De Mer (that's starfish in French) has just been posted onto their Bandcamp page and it has a very, very summer cocktail tropical beach vibe to it.

John's contributed a guitar to it, to our great pleasure, despite not being a band member anymore.

Have a listen and enjoy it, by all means.

*Many thanks to Travis for news - that's why Invisible Movement had it first.

  • Very Afro-beat and Delay/Reverby. Its not what I usually listen to, but its pretty good. Only thing is I wish the vocalist was different...but that's just a matter of my tastes, not a critique. Overall pretty cool (and busy 😛 .)
    For some reason the embedded player in the page didn't play for if that is happening for any of you, you can listen to it here:
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  • Sophia

    actually "etoile de mer" means starfish 🙂

  • So John is not a member of the band, but may be a consistent studio collaborator? Well, it's like he's a "de facto" member of the band but doesn't play in the gigs. After all, gigs was what he was tired of.

  • Beautiful, didn't like the ones before I have to admit, but this one's real sweet

  • Lindsey

    while still not something i would listen to on a regular basis, this track is much much more to my taste than the previous swahili blonde music i've heard.

  • dbsub9

    I'm not too big on Swahili Blonde and didn't expect to really like this one but I love it!

  • Jorge

    Does the beggining of the song sound a little bit like Smile by Lily Allen? lol especially the singing and the opening lyrics.

  • I like to keep good and bad out of music adjectives.

    Remember when you first played a tune from beginning to end with a fellow musician and everything barely stayed together? That's what this sounds like.

  • DodoTheBird

    I'm trying really hard to get the guitar sound in this song - it must be somewhere! ;-/ I love the violin, though.

  • Zena

    Excuse me, maybe I can hear everything everywhere but the the beginning of the song stopped me - I thought it was a remake of Lily Allen - Smile ...rhythm, melodic and the main theme....... 🙁

  • Polly

    wow. to be completely honest with you - I didnt mind Dr. Teeth and the other songs... but this? I can barely make it thru - it is well... umm' yea... I dont like to talk trash because you've got to respect any person doing their thing w/ music & art and when it comes down to it - its all EXPRESSION.. so kudos for taking the step. I have to agree with whomever commented on the singer... not really feeling the vocals at all.... and John on guitar? Where is the guitar? (and for whomever bites back on the last question)... if there is any guitar (which I am sure there is...) its def. not John.. or at least not the John I know. I just wish Swahili Blonde would become its on entity rather than being Swahili Blonde/John Frusciante.. he's done his job, I think.

  • Zena

    Yes, everyone deserves respect for what it has created...Miss Allen too...I am just a pure listener and
    Etoile De Mer is disappointing for me .. or there is a variation on the theme, that they like and they want to express their respect for her work?

  • Emily

    Did I hear "your lips reminisce a semen spout" in the lyrics?

    And what's with the album title? Let's think of four random words because it's cool? Sorry, I still can't get into this.

    And the more I listen to it, the more it blatantly sounds like Lily Allen's "Smile" at the beginning and end.

    • "your lips reminisce a semen spout"

    • John

      Right on sister!

  • You can call it a starfish condition that is not just hierarchical division compared to the normal I would say ... Otherwise it's just more ...

  • Looks fantastic, condition that is not just hierarchical division compared to the normal
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  • Looks fantastic, condition that is not just hierarchical division compared to the normal
    My recent post Comment gagner au loto : les maths

  • jo_

    okay i dont know were else to post so i will here ,
    has john's offical website gone ?
    for ages it has been saying server problem blah blah , and now it ent even there ?
    worries me a bit !!