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RHCP announce first album after John’s departure. What’s your say?

As it was announced via Flea’s Twitter last night and then confirmed and written by many news outlets out there, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 10th studio album, the first one without John after 16 years, finally has a title, the release date and title & the release date for its first single as well.

In case it was not clear before, Invisible Movement is not going to be covering this further, unless there are articles, TV snippets et cetera that directly mention John, contain photos or snippets, which is pretty much what’s been the usual procedure here over the last couple of years. However, as many people asked for one and it would be interested to know what everyone thinks, here’s a poll for you.

The new RHCP album has a title, first single's name and release date. Will you be getting it?

  • I don't care about RHCP without John! Not getting it! (5%, 14 Votes)
  • I will give it a listen because I'm curious and/or I want to give them another chance. But that's about it! (26%, 73 Votes)
  • I'm into it because I like Josh, him being John's disciple in some way! (22%, 62 Votes)
  • I just love RHCP regardless of who's in it, I'm sure I'll love the album! (44%, 122 Votes)
  • Other (please, specify) (3%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 278

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And, if you’re looking for a website that will be covering it by the speed of light, the professional and right way, I wholeheartedly recommend The Chili Source.

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  • Franziska

    I am curious first and foremost. I do think that Josh is the best choice they could have taken. I think him and Chad do have good songwriting potential so I am pretty confident this is going to be above average. I did not like "One Hot Minute" because John was missing. But you can't compare Dave Navarro to Josh Klinghoffer ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • jesse

    i really dont like this album name. its bugged me ever since i found out. i was so excited when i heard dr johnnys disproportionately rambunc(whatever it was called). Im with you has a similar feel to by the way , and personally, as much as i love slane castle and all the other by the way live performances, its one of my least favourite albums. but i definitely think its gonna be really really good with josh's added freshness.

  • ManicPandy

    ^^ I was thinking the same thing…I'm With You. reminds me of By the Way. Josh will definitely give a new vibe with a bit of Johns likeness. I've read elsewhere that there will be some African inspired tunes to chew on, so there's hope that it won't sound just like By The Way…..I just really hope it sounds like a Chili Pepper Album. That's all I want!

  • sascha

    To be honest. I am looking forward to the CD a lot. Cause I am so damn curious what it will sound like. Thogh I am most sure it will actually be very very good. From my point of view, Johns depature is one of the best things that could have happened to the RHCP. With someone new, someone very crative like Josh, they have a chance to develop their sound from a new angle. Don't get me wrong. I really adore John and his music and stuff, but seeing him leave means a lot of space for new sounds.

    Ask yourself: What would another RHCP-CD with John sound like?! Listen to BTW and SA.. not a lot of space between those records.

  • A_M

    ^ To me BTW and SA are worlds apart. Especially John's contribution to those albums, completely different style on his part at least. But I agree with you on that it was probably a good thing that he left, even though I loved his work with band. I can't see how he could have made any significant further contribution to that band and it being suited to both him and the rest of the band, I think his solo stuff and stuff in other formats aside from a conventional band like the Chili Peppers is the best way for him to move forward now.
    And also, I'm into it because I like Josh, not because he's like John's disciple, but because he's an incredibly talented musician in his own right ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • C_M_A

    I think every album that the Chili Peppers made with John was just absolutely beautiful and I think that the one they make with Josh will be the same. John and Josh are both very similar and have multiple albums together that sound amazing. I'm sure Josh, Chad and Flea are going to make another artistically amazing album while John will continue to make beautiful solo records. I have the utmost respect for the Chili Peppers and for John as both of their works either together or separate have altered my life in a amazingly positive way. Good luck to them both.

  • Steve

    I have just been wondering… is Josh Klinghoffer as good as John Frusciante? Sure, Josh Klinghoffer is an unbelievably creative musician and the perfect fit for RHCP. BUT, are we really going to see him pull off the off the wall, mind-blowing improvisational and writing skills that the one and only John F contains? I mean, Frusciante was a child prodigy, as well as (ranked) one of the greatest guitarist of all time. Is Klinghoffer in the same league as him? I guess we will find out. I am curious to see what Klinghoffer does with songs like Can't Stop, the songs that realistically only John F can perform with ease, with the unbelievable backing vocals as well as guitar work.

  • J

    I’m sure that the new RHCP album will be great and different, but I wonder how John feels about Josh working with everyone. I agree that John will progress with his solo work, as it just gets better and better

  • sydney prescott

    I think Josh is a little punk who needs to mind his own business. He speaks when not spoken to.

  • unfrieden

    I am so curious and quite excited about this. I'm glad there haven't been years or months of rumors about it – my sister told me yesterday about the album and in less than 2 months it'll be already here. That's great!

  • luka

    "I just love RHCP regardless of who's in it, I'm sure I'll love the album!"; it's not really regardless of who's in it, it's just that I love Flea and Anthony and Chad enough to make it a my fav band, even if John's not there.

  • Dan

    I was really bummed when John left, but it was best for him and I look forward to his solo work and I also am excited to see what the Chili Peppers do with Josh. Injecting some new blood into the mix will be a good thing creatively I'm sure. I know Josh's voice is much higher then Frusciante's, so I'm hoping the backing vocals for old songs doesn't suffer, but it leaves me very curious for what will be on the new LP. I just hope stylistically it's different than all the other albums, so it doesn't get pegged BTW 2 or SA 2. We shall see.

  • Conor Dulaa

    I'm sure it will be good. I mean, near the end John's era, they had Josh playing backing instruments on stage! I mean, he must have been pretty good for them to have him play live with them, considering they have never really had to have anyone play with them before. Hell, if he's good enough to play on ANY of John's solo stuff, he must be good ๐Ÿ˜€

  • DoctorZod

    Just a thought but I wonder if John will return one day? It could just be that John didn't fancy it this time round … just maybe it's pre arranged with Josh that John will return in 3-4 years time!

    • @Skaramuzza

      You know.. I'm very intuitive and I really REALLY think so too.. I think it's just an impasse… and also.. he left once, and then came back.. and then left again……. he'll be back ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • meta

    what i would like to know is whether John will listen to this new album or not, like he didn't with one hot minute… taking away the 92 breaking-up now he went in good terms and josh is his friend…

    but as he just said once "it's like to watch your ex-girl having sex with another one"… cross-feelings must say

  • aes

    I think he'll have no problems with giving it a listen. I don't know about the current relationship between him and the Chili Peppers, but it's their friends' new work, after all, and also his friend Josh's first studio album with Flea, I'd be curious at the very least if I were him.

  • ac

    Im sure this new รƒยกlbum will be every interesting to listening to the first couple of times. You have your initial favorites, then the record grows on you. Im wondering about the tour and how and/or if they will plan only “Im With You” songs to play. Im super curious how Josh, who im a fan of, will play songs from californication, by the way, stadium arcadium, or even covers.

  • Dave Cee

    I’m as much a nutcase fanatic about JF as any1! Josh is an awesome, well rounded musician and even JF approved of his abilities as we all know! It is a bit weird that Josh emulates JF in a lot of ways but at least his talent holds up enough that the band can accept his abilities to be strong enough to include him on their journey! I made a mistake when JF left the first time by ignoring the rest of the band! All equally talented in their roles! But 2 deny the influence they had on JF is overlooked to much! Flea is a talent unto himself, and Chad is so versatile. I’m only pondering that how were we fans of JF for so long and didn’t notice the band as a whole? I got into them as a bass player cuz of Flea, and picked up the guitar cuz of JF! I’m looking 4ward to the next album no matter what the title is! Its the talent that remains another landscape with some new color thrown in!

  • Latten

    Now with the single being out and been listening to it a few times i cannot say that it is good. Its a bit boring imo. Hope the rest of the cd will be better or that John releases a new album soon. Im with John.

  • Latten

    Now with the single being out and been listening to it a few times i cannot say that it is good. Its a bit boring imo. Hope the rest of the cd will be better or that John releases a new album soon. Im with John.

  • Kevin

    I absolutely love the single and am really anticipating their new album but ever since John left the band (December 2009) I would have thought he would be working on a new solo album by now that’s the one thing I am really anticipating and hope he doesnt stop at the empyrean

  • ryan cato

    The album is great. I love john as much as the next guy, but there's no sense in not supporting the band just because john left; especially if there's no significant drop off in quality.

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