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An article on John in April issue of Visions (Germany)

In a quick roundup, Visions magazine from Germany is updating its readers on everything John’s been up to since leaving the Red Hot Chili Peppers in late 2008. They’re listing some of the projects he’s taken a part in, quoting what Omar Rodriguez-Lopez said last month, mentioning his marriage and some rather irrelevant/unnecessary details.

While the article is in no way interesting per sé, it might be a good start for those who have not had a taste of maestro’s recent work. And, there is a decent short review of Shadows Collide With People which they think is John’s best album; and note that it’s very ecletic, while, afterwards, he “needed a new album for each music style”.

Visions magazine, March 2012 preview
Visions magazine, March 2012 preview

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  • Krautrocker :-)

    This article is INDEED totally insulting and disrespectful.
    It's not worth being translated. Trust me.
    A translation wouldn't do anything good to John.

  • peacebone

    it's actually not that insulting, i think you should take some of the things said with a grain of salt. for example the claim that john would rather join the wu tang clan, than being a pepper again.

  • Iva

    There's no need to go discovering warm water; which is basically what this article is doing, a bunch of things you can normally find here and on trashy Tumblr pages, when it comes to private life gossip and the shock of a person smoking a cigarette… but it's not really insulting, just a bit camp.

    Therefore, Charlie, thanks for offering help, but all of this is in the news archive already, just presented in a no-nonsense manner. 🙂

  • Enxakeka

    I don't know if the article is insulting or not, but I agree that SCWP is Frusciante's best album. Simply brilliant!

  • johnfru34

    I haven't even read it, and probably won't considering i am pretty much up to date with what is going on, but i would lay this out there as insulting. although it is exciting to hear he has 300 or 400 unedited songs…since the split with the band and since Empyrean we haven't really gotten crap from. A random song here a random song there or a very minimalist guitar part in this person's song or that person's song. I get it that a person has the right to do his own thing even if it bugs the crap out of everyone else, but seriously folks c'mon. I want some new damn music that doesn't come out of the mind of his wife.

    • Daniela

      He ran away from consumerism and what you're suggesting here IS a form of consumerism. Who cares what you want? Who are you, anyway? He missed a good portion of his youth, solely to be thrown in the machine he escaped from, in the era where marketing and image are more important than quality. He needs that wife and her mind, he needs love, peace and quiet for once in his life. I'm sure he'll share some music once he's ready.

  • Mat

    Hey, I just translated the left column. If you think the translation is okay, I'll do the rest within the next few days 🙂

    Two times succes overcharged the silent guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It seems that, after the recent withdrawal, the world of rock music had eventually lost him to the world of beats, bytes and bling-bling: Today he would rather contemplate making music with the Wu-Tang Clan.

    Things went quiet around John Frusciante since he left – nearly over night – the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who since then have to get along with his close friend and "guitar-clone" Josh Klinghoffer – which, by all accounts, goes quite well by the way. Midway in the last decade Frusciante accomplished the feat of making half a dozen solo records in less than a year – besides his commitment to the Chili Peppers of course. Then he had enough of the rock star circus and stepped down, the second time after 1992. Different from back then he went not straightly into a hara-kiri like heroin addiction, but only started smoking again. So far, in 2009 his last solo record was published, except for the LP with Mars Volta head Omar Rodriguez in 2010 which was recorded seven years earlier.

    • Iva

      Hi Mat, there's another translation done by Andrew, it's just that I was still pondering if it's worth putting up or not (given that some articles that are far weirder than this are on the site, e.g. the one where John is "guy candy" of the week in a magazine for teenage girls…yikes); so if you like, you can have a look at that one and tell me if you would eventually change anything. 🙂 I can see the typos, but nothing else, as my German is pretty basic and had I done the translation myself, I would base it more on logic and known information, than actual structure of the sentences.

  • Tom

    Geez, yeah the translation was fine, thank you Mat for doing it. But "insulting" really summed it up didn't it! And they even managed to insult Josh also – "get along"… WTF? I guess this magazine is like a musical equivalent of the National Enquirer or Heat Magazine. Tom