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Letur-Lefr out today & a nice promo photograph

Letur-Lefr should now be available officially almost everywhere as of now, check this for more information. And enjoy it with your whole heart and an open mind.

Since nothing's ever been typical in this little universe, on the day of the album's release we get...what? A new photo. To those of you who do not look for photos in random places and snoop everywhere, this will be delightful; as you can also see the new tool of trade - a Yamaha SG we read about on the blog and some of the maestro's creative space.

JF at his studio, a week ago or so. Photo by Mike Piscitelli

Please, click the photo to go to the official site and then click on it over there to see it in its full size.



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  1. Mongolia says:

    It`s really interesting that he uses a Yamaha SG...And you can`t say that he doesnt play guitar on Letur Lefr...on every track there is guitar...and Letur is really great and geniously for people who accept music like music and not hopping for a new rock Frusciante album...

  2. edwin morais says:

    Oh my god look at him :)) So beautiful stay strong John!! We Thank you soooo much!

  3. and i guess that's the guitar he bought recently :) (i haven't seen that guitar before)

  4. Caroline says:

    Nice hair, a wedding ring, smoke, tidy studio and a cardigan. A wonderful portrait of an intellectual among musicians. LOVE!

  5. Janko says:

    Seems to be a Yamaha SG 1500. Nice guitar.
    I wonder what amp he's using nowadays?

  6. Minna says:

    Nice way to promote smoking... It's a shame we can't see the brand. :D

    • Minna says:

      And this was a sarcastic comment. Just saying, so you know why you minus my comment, when you do. :D

    • tom says:

      I think he used to smoke Camels back in the early 90s...

      • vaginal secretion says:

        he smoked marlboro reds back then

        • tom says:

          ...well, maybe he smoked Marlboro Reds AND Camels... ;-)
          In an interview with the Bikini Magazine in 1994 it says:
          "I turn my head and catch a skinny guy coming down the stairs. Bleached hair pulled back and some pale skin. A good shirt, blue I think. With a collar and a filterless Camel burning."

  7. pehjott says:

    Not so clever smoking in a studio, especially when using vintag gear...

  8. Carlos A. says:

    Nice to see you again bro. Hope you come out soon with an video or something dude.

  9. vinny says:

    i was looking at sgs earlier before while dabbling with john mcgeoch stuff. frusciante's a big fan of him so it's possible that's how he looked into getting an sg.

  10. Untitled #14 says:

    I've always been a Fender fanboy, but I have to say... that guitar is beautiful.

  11. Would anyone happen to know what monitor that is behind him?

  12. edwin morais says:

    He's soo BEautiful! love this photo

  13. Dani says:

    rare to see him with a nasty guitar

  14. Alex says:

    I just went to my local record store to pick it up and the supplier ran out from all the pre orders and never even sent it to the store. I don't know how to wait any longer.

  15. CMD313 says:


  16. jonny says:

    hope it gets people inspired to fuck with electronic music!!!! it's actually not super hard to make the beats on his EP, certainly no where near as hard as learning note for note zappa things, people should give it a try.

    pretty sure that's tracking software on the screen... it kinda looks like those software trackers of yore, but i haven't blazed one in ages. tasty stuff.

  17. tyfo says:

    i see hes using renoise. must be venetian snares inflence for sure

  18. Dani says:

    yamaha sg sucks

    • toni says:

      yes sucks his guitar

    • Ben Alexander says:

      yeah the guitar is pretty much an ugly gibson sg/les paul rip off.

      on a side note he's starting to look his age, and BTW kids smoking is bad, so are drugs hahaha

      • pehjott says:

        haha...there's a reason why the SG 1500/2000 where called "Gibson Killers" in the 70s/80s
        They have better wood, a complex construction for the longest sustain you could have wished for back then and their tone is more...wood-like,let's say closer to a hollow body guitar.
        The Yamaha SG's from the 70's and 80's are awesome guitars.And if you like him or not but even Santana played them back in the 70s....YAMAHA SG's don't suck.

        BTW: Yamaha used the term SG for their guitars before Gibson

        • Iva says:

          This is why I love it when you post comments - always necessary, always informative, always something new to learn, even for us non-musicians. :)

        • would this be the same SG's made by Yamaha from 1965 and the same SG's made by Gibson from 1961?

          I said nothing about the sound or tone of the guitar just that it was a rip off, like most Japanese guitars, they take the look and configuration of other guitars, primarily Gibsons and Fenders and apply them to their own products. Yamaha did this with their motorcycles too, it's kind of what they did to being with. Look at an existing product and replicate but make it better, often the electronics.

  19. Peter Grothe says:

    Do you keep staring at his photo hoping he'll say something to you? Me too.

  20. Spaceman J says:

    Anybody know what his tshirt is? That a record cover?/someone we know?...... Great to see current photos but I also like the thought of him being closed away working like Van Gogh or Einstien or somethin...! Peace to everyone out there. Im in Australia and the amazon pre oreder wont come til the end of the month..

  21. tim says:

    that shirt is a steve brule shirt from adult swim the tim and eric awesome show great job

  22. dobio says:

    the ep is fuckin amazing!
    next level all the way.
    thank you john.
    can't stop listening over and dover again!!!!!

  23. Dani says:

    I am a big fan of john frusciante guitar but that does not go with him. is very ugly and it seems to me, I'm not ignoring the guitar but I do not like anything that use that guitar

  24. dylan says:

    an average EP. not too difficult to program in the beats used. it's the idea that is the difficult part.

  25. fender says:


  26. joancho says:

    john frusciante sucks as musician

  27. smak says:

    the Yamaha thing comes from being really into the band Magazine and guitarist John McGeoch's work and sound ...

  28. jack says:

    Oh my god he is wearing a Steve Brule t-shirt. Now I love him that much more

    • Iva says:

      I have to thank you for having said that, as it made me google it (I can't stand not knowing what something is once it's been mentioned) I found videos of Check It Out and spent the next couple of hours laughing. Good stuff. It reminds me of some of Kaufman's antics as well as of a bizarre show we had in old Yugoslavia before the split ("Top lista nadrealista"). Love, love, love absurd, what-the-fuck humour like this. Thank you. <3

  29. Stephen says:

    Has anyone heard Flea's new music 'helen burns'?. when will john and himself make an electronia record together, i can hear it already!

    • adam says:

      yea, i think its better than johns.

      • art says:

        I think you don´t understand that in art there´s no better or worse.

        • Minna says:

          Maybe not in art, but in your heart...?

          Lovelovelove for Flea's EP! :)

          • art says:

            Personal taste is not objective.
            You should only say that you prefer something and not that it is better.
            I prefer John´s EP but it´s only my personal taste.
            Emotional perception is not objective - learn that!

    • Peter Grothe says:

      John and Flea definitely have a special way of communicating through music. I'm just so thrilled to see the musicians I loved as an adolescent still making great music. Getting older is a pleasure not a curse. Helen Burns is good.

    • fleasciante says:

      yup, for everyone who's interested, available here: ...definitely worth and the fact John and Flea got they EPs released within the same week is lovely, special week B)

      • Iva says:

        Yeesh, this website looks as if a 15-year-old made it in 2002. >_< Not that it matters in this discussion, but it's annoying.

        • fleasciante says:

          uhmm, who knows maybe it has similar background but it also offers Helen Burns FOC, so what more to ask for...from music school website:)

  30. joanchifucker says:

    joancho mother is a nice fuck:*

  31. thesnowdog says:

    Glowe alone was worth the $8.99.

  32. yoda says:

    anyone get their deluxe yet??? mine hasn't shipped and emails to topspin haven't been answered. :(

  33. yoda says:

    hey has anyone received their deluxe? mine hasn't shipped and no word from topspin. :(

    • Generic DJ says:

      I got mine, but the packaging was HORRIBLE. My deluxe package came in what seemed to be a mailer designed just for a record with the T-shirt, CD, and tape smashed into the box. The box had open ends, and the CD was absolutely smashed in by the pressure of everything else in transit. I already paid an arm and a leg for all that shit I would've gladly threw in a few more bucks for a sufficient package. Anyone else have any problems? [polldaddy 6414138 polldaddy]

      • Iva says:

        I think you could send feedback to Topspin about that, as it could help them improve their service. Seems that people are mostly having problems with their parcels not having been sent yet or delivery being slow (the later depends on mail services, not on the distributer); but nobody mentioned this yet!

    • Iva says:

      Hi Yoda,

      It would help a lot if you said two things:

      1) Where in the world you are.
      2) If you have contacted Topspin already.

      You can do the later using the e-mail in the footer of the previous messages they sent to you or by using the following link: ("Submit Request" in the top menu).
      My recent post Where was I?

  34. Lucyfer says:

    The beard is gone! :)

  35. yoda says:

    Hi Iva. I live in Bangkok right now. I've contacted topspin twice but have only received an automated reply. Shouldn't it have been shipped (not just acknowledged) by now? I paid for DHL shipping making this quite an expensive deluxe EP.

    • Iva says:

      I thought I replied to this, but it looks that I did not. I'm sorry, it somehow slipped by. Was there any progress in the meantime? Some people reported that their items are now on back-order, did that happen in your case, as well?

  36. Eloise says:

    Topspin is the worst. What a disappointment! I don't even want to order a new one. If anyone wishes to sell... drop a reply.

  37. Eloise says:

    I contacted them via email multiple times. I ended up ordering a new one off ebay. Thank you Iva for offering to help. I no longer have time to waste with those dingbats. Take care, El

    • Iva says:

      I mean, what exactly happened? Did you not receive the parcel? Did you not get a shipping notification? Were you the person on the board who got wrong items, by a totally random artist? If the second out of these three is the case, you should've waited a bit more, not necessary to spend more money.

      And thanks for the compliment. :)

  38. Eloise says:

    PS, I love your poem. :)

  39. yoda says:

    Well my pre-order still hasn't shipped from topspin. a pre-order. the ep has been out for quite a while. can we please start some campaign to have john NOT use topspin for pbx? I spent over 70 dollars for letur-lefr and NOTHING.

  40. sorana says:

    such a deep look... and his guitar.. but something is missing, i know that John gives a very nice view to every guitar that he appears with, but he certainly looks better whit his STRAT

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