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PBX is cooking on 180 gram vinyl…

As per their Facebook and Twitter profiles, the vinyl record makers Noiseland Industries of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; have told the world last Friday that they're starting production of the deluxe 180 gram double vinyl of John's upcoming full-length album, PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone.

Starting production on deluxe 180 gram, double vinyl for John Frusciante's new record, PBX. John was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum as a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers last year. He's an amazing and prolific artist. Look for the record in September.

Exciting! Who knows, maybe they will show us some insight on the actual process as well, or the finished product in hands of one of their employees, as they do with many of the other records.

Also, if you are in Japan, you can pre-order your PBX already, from a variety of stores.

And you? Are you excited? What do you think PBX is like, in comparison to Letur-Lefr?

  • Xavier Hernandez

    wow i cant wait!!!! i feel like its gonna be a mix between "To Record Only Water for Ten Days" "The Empyrean" and "Letur-Lefr"! September HURRY UP!!! lol

    • Nick

      I agree. Gonna be dreaming about this for the next 30+ days.

  • Danno

    if they are pressing the vinyl that means it will be popping up on YouTube anyday and I will be listening to it on an endless loop for the next 6 months

    • Iva

      I don't think it will be "popping on YouTube anyday", this is likely to be confidential matter. Letur-Lefr leaked only when the folks in Japan got it and the man who accidentally leaked some things in the past is now busy in another, can't see that happening, nope.
      My recent post Where was I?

  • I just got my Letur Lefr Vinyl and T-shirt today. My record has a hand etched number in the margins- it makes me feel like it's personalized just for me! And my T-shirt looks so hot on my hairy, man-body. Can't wait to hear PBX- Letur Lefr is really fantastic.

  • ttriton

    Woohoo! Double vinyl means over 40 minutes of music. JF has only done that with Niandra, Smile, Shadows and the Empyrean. This is exciting....

  • Remi

    Hope its gonna be something different than Letur Lefr. John is my favorite musician but i don't like the new stuff

    • Kellee

      Oh...I think it will be something different...

    • Xavier Hernandez

      just give another listen bro. all of it. it is extremely beautiful. i think we were all a bit skeptical when we heard the snippets but even "FM" is amazing! just listen to it for what it is, an album that john put all his feelings into just like the other ones and you might enjoy it. remember the first time you listenned to niandra lades? yeah its like that, it'll grow on you. 🙂 peace and love to all. 🙂

      • janoD

        Let's face it, it might not grow on everyone, naturally 🙂

      • Adam Fonda

        I do remember when i first heard Niandra Lades.. it was beautiful and different. John is my favorite musician because he doesn't do things to other peoples standards and molds, he is not a cookie cutter person, he is tuned in, and does what he likes and makes him happy.

    • janoD

      'The records are very different from each other...' <JF>

    • Phabian

      i'm hopin for somethin different too but if u dnt like the new stuff ur not listenin properly dude!

      • Remi

        Obviously critical thinking is not allowed on this website.

  • Mike

    Anyone know who will be mastering the vinyl? I've pre-ordered it. I had thought Grundman???

    • Iva

      I will ask the label about it. Grundman did master Letur-Lefr, by ther way.

  • Mike

    Thanks. Assuming it would be Grundman. He did a hell of a job on Letur-Lefr, and also Jack White's Blunderbluss.

    Here's to vinyl.

    • Mike Moon

      I hope he uses Grundman again. Letur-Lefr sounds amazing on vinyl. If not, Kevin Gray/Steve Hoffman did an amazing job mastering Ataxia II and would be great candidates. Does anyone know who mastered the vinyl version of The Empyrean?

      In reference to Jack White's Blunderbuss, it was not mastered by Bernie Grundman, but actually Bob Ludwig who did the mastering and Wes Garland cut the vinyl at Nashville Record Press. Bob mastered the source material (tape) for the vinyl but did not cut it which is confusing so I give credit to both engineers.

  • Reverend Efbug.

    Just saw that Frusciante is listed as a member of the management on record collection's facebook site. Has this always been the case? More importantly does this mean we're finally in store for some tasty tasty reissues?

    • Mike Moon

      That's odd, John doesn't really seem like the management type. I do think you will see reissues eventually as runs of 1,000 lps would sell as his current catalog is long out of print. I do own all of his solo album on vinyl and love each one. They go for ridiculous sums on Ebay currently.