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Happy New Year + Internet Tracks at 320 kbps mp3/FLAC

Happy New Year, everybody!

As you know, this website continues to ignore all other holidays, so nobody would feel privileged and nobody would feel left out. And each year, there's a random or not-so-random surprise for you. Last year, it was the new site look and first news of what eventually became PBX.

This time, it might not be as good as news of new stuff, but it's...a better version of some old stuff! Some of you might have seen these when a very kind friend uploaded them to the message board, but given that message boards aren't that big as they used to be back in the days, it was only logical for these to end up on the site.

So, what are they? MUCH better versions of the Internet tracks, also known as Internet Album/From The Sounds inside. They're now available in both 320 kbps mp3 files for your portable music devices and in FLAC for burning onto a CD or playback on yor computers. Go grab them now!

Make sure you enjoy them and don't resell them or do anything illegal with them. They might be twelve years old, but they're still as precious.

*Many thanks to Ralph Paredes, who provided these; and to Leni, who had the clever idea of asking him for them!


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  1. Jacob Goodwin says:

    Low Birds is my favorite of all of John's songs. This is very exciting news for me!

  2. JFan says:

    Thank you so much!

  3. ben says:

    Thank you! So Would Have I and Leave All The Days Behind are two of my favorite Frusciante Tracks :)
    Happy New Year

  4. Muchísimas gracias!!!!! Feliz Año Nuevo.
    Saludos desde Berlín
    My recent post Telerañas

  5. Michel says:

    so great!!
    Thank you :)
    am i the only one who has problems with downloading "leaving you"-flac ? the file size ends up being 1,4mb

  6. Jonny says:

    same here, 20. Leaving You in flac has only 12sec, please fix it, thanks

  7. jimbob says:

    its a nice album

  8. Jim says:

    '20 Leaving You.flac' is only 1.4MB instead of 7MB.

  9. mektoub says:

    Thanks for that. However isn't the tune called Lou Bergs and not Low Birds?

    • Iva says:

      You might want to read the story below the track listing. "Lou Bergs" was, well, a gem of missheard lyrics. If any of those super-creepy people named their child like that, they've commited an epic fail!

  10. Iva says:

    Jim, Jonny, Michel - thanks for letting me know, the file broke during the upload process. It should be OK now, feel free to redownload it.
    My recent post The traditional end-of-year-survey, year 11

  11. Iva says:

    Jim, Jonny, Michel - thanks for letting me know, the file broke during the upload process. It should be OK now, feel free to redownload it.
    My recent post The traditional end-of-year-survey, year 11

  12. Tom says:

    Amazing! Many thank to those that have made these available in a better quality.

  13. Chris says:

    This is unrelated to this post but I was wondering if there was a transcript of Johns post that he had on his website toward the release of 'The Empyrean' where he talked about the philosophies of the album?? It was quite long similar to his post 'My Recent History' except this was pertaining to the "reaching, trying and needing to give up sometimes" philosophy behind 'The Empyrean'. I realize this isn't the right place to ask about this but I did not see it in the transcript section of the website. I am just curious if anyone knows if that post had been salvaged by anyone or where I may be able to see it again. Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks

  14. berp dreyfuss says:

    "Leave All The Days Behind" seems to be corrupted. Both the mp3 and flag have clicking noises. Thank You!

    • nightmare1138 says:

      I noticed this too. Wonderful collection and I'm so happy we have it, but its unfortunate this track got scratched or something :(

  15. Ryan says:

    I'm curious, what is the source on these? Did someone take the old lossy MP3's and up-convert them to the larger formats? Or were the FLACs taken from the original source?

    • Iva says:

      Can you - please - read the description before asking a question? These are FLACs taken from the master CD, mp3s have been made converting those FLACs in iTunes.

      • Ryan says:

        If the answer was on this news post, or not mixed in with a wall of text AFTER the list of individually available tracks the require scrolling all the way down the page, maybe I would have seen it.

        Thanks for the upload. They do sound great.

  16. Pehjott says:

    The sourc is a master CD of the old webmaster of if i remember correcty.Unfortunately the CD has scratches and because of that some tracks have cracking noises and similiar stuff...

    • Iva says:

      No, this CD came from the person who gave a copy to him. The old webmaster did not have the master CD. I will see if anything can be done about it.

      Glad to hear a voice of reason.

  17. brendomc says:

    This thread triggered me to search the lyrics to So Would Of I. Different web sites give quite different interpretations. Can anyone give me a link to the correct lyrics? Cheers!

  18. Cazoomee says:

    Thanks so much for this!!! I love this album and I'm so happy to have a high-quality version of it! About the problem with "Leave All The Days Behind", is there any way I can get the initial MP3 that hasn't got the noises again? I deleted all the MP3s right after I downloaded the new ones and now I only have the damaged one. Thank you again!

    • Iva says:

      Leave All The Days behind was not the damaged file - Leaving You was. So, it's not you, it's the file itself.

      • cosplusisin says:

        I think Cazoomee is talking about the static-type noise during "Leave All the Days Behind", rather than the (previously) corrupted file of "Leaving You".

        Speaking of which - Cazoomee - I didn't delete my old mp3's, so you can send me an email and I'll email you the mp3. My email address is my username (that I'm posting this under) at Don't want to type out the whole address in case some bots find it and start spamming me.

        • Cazoomee says:

          Oh my god thanks so much cosplusisin!!! That's very kind of you. I'm gonna send you and e-mail now xD

          • Iva says:

            Since this is partly my fault (for suggesting people to remove old files), I will see if this can be fixed. :) An apology to both.
            My recent post Gramps And The Jumbling Man. Cherries, Too.

          • Iva says:

            Since this is partly my fault (for suggesting people to remove old files), I will see if this can be fixed. :) An apology to both.
            My recent post Gramps And The Jumbling Man. Cherries, Too.

          • cosplusisin says:

            Just sent you a message through my gmail (yahoo wouldn't attach properly). :)

            • Cazoomee says:

              Thank you sooooo much!!! Now I can listen to my favourite song on the album happily ever after. Really can't thank you enough! ^_^

              • Iva says:

                To both of you: the file will be re-uploaded sometime during the week and there won't be noise on it.

                • cosplusisin says:

                  Cool! Thanks.

                • Pehjott says:

                  sorry but I have two questions:

                  When will the upload be done?
                  What is the new source?

                  • Pehjott says:

                    And another thing:there are other files which are not ok,
                    e.g. the second take of fallout (@ 1:38), the dropout is not on the original file.
                    I don't wanna be ungreatful, just want to check out if we can get a perfect version of this great "album" which was my start with JF as a solo artist...

                    • Iva says:

                      You don't want to be ungrateful, but the 1/8 of German heritage in me is sensing your 100% German brain that ignored my response. ;) So, you might not want to ignore it this time?

                      Ralph's source is a copy of the master CD (which IS stated in the description below the files) and he'll do when he's able to. I assume that you and I, as well as all these other people can cut him some slack here, right? :)

                    • Pehjott says:

                      I've read the description where it states that the upload on this site is Ralph's source which contains the noise,right???
                      So, I wondered whether we have a second source without noise etc. and will get a (complete) reupload. as there is more than one corrupted track.
                      Of course I can wait for a reupload I never expected getting lossless files for this album anyway...
                      BTW: I don't have a clue what you mean by 100% German brain, I'm not well informed about chliches I just have an anancastic part in me when it comes to music ;-)
                      I didn't want to ignore anything,sorry

  19. frontierofpain says:

    Thanks very much for this, everyone who was involved! There's some more unreleased and bside songs by John available in the downloads section and the multimedia forum for any interested:

  20. Ralph Paredes says:

    Hello, I'll work on getting a new version of "Leave All The Days Behind" soon.

  21. Alan says:

    If these really were re-ripped from a CD, they would have a sample rate of 44100Hz, but these files have a sample rate of 48000Hz. This smells like an MP3 transcode to me.

    • Pehjott says:

      That's wrong thinking because the rip is from a (data) CD-R not from an audio CD.
      Therefore it's not unlikely to have 48kHz files at all.

  22. johnny gliszinski says:

    wait whats better flac or mp3?

  23. Alex says:

    I did a test using auCDtect and found out that these are, in fact, SOURCED FROM LOSSY TRACKS! I haven't put them to test with my own ear yet, but just because they are sourced from lossy doesn't mean that they are upconverted from the files we've had for years. Perhaps this "master CD" was burned from mp3s in the first place. Since each time a file is converted to a lossy format, more information is lost and the sound quality gets worse, it's possible that these lossy transcodes can still sound better than the other files sourced from wma.

    This article should probably be updated to note this discrepancy. You can test it yourselves if you don't believe me.

    • Pehjott says:

      Wheren't they recorded on his Yamaha MD8 (like TROWFTD)?
      This would make those tracks lossy in the 1st place anyway...

    • a_doubt says:

      I have read and learnt some things about "lossy" files, one thing to consider is the age of the recordings and the recording equipment (as Pehjott already said). To make it short, a recording done more than 10 years ago might not have the frequency analysis you'd expect.

      Since I read your concern, I checked the files myself (with Audacity) and I cannot agree with you. I also have the original files (the WMA files) and you can recognize there a loss of frequencies at > 16 kHz, just as it is usual for lossy files (like WMA of MP3), while the new files (FLAC) don't have this drop in frequencies. So as far as I can judge, the FLAC files are not made from the WMA files, if you still think they are lossy-sourced, I would assume it is because of the way they were recorded back then. Of course if you have more detailed information about the result of your test with auCDtect, please share it. On the other hand I can share pictures of the frequency analysis, but for the sake of convenience I would suggest to use the forum instead.

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