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See more photos from the 2012 photo session

If you have missed the obligatory photo session that comes with most artists' albums and were surprised that only two photographs have surfaced from the one John had in July 2012 with Mike Piscitelli for PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone and Letur-Lefr; you might as well be pleased to know that seven more are now on the photographer's website.

John Frusciante - by Mike Piscitelli, July 2012

John Frusciante - by Mike Piscitelli, July 2012. Click the link for more

Click on the above preview or follow this link for the entire photo session, featuring nine photos of the genius at work. There's also this small image in the "PEOPLE" submenu.

*Many thanks to Shalhevet and Sebi for the heads-up!


18 Reactions to See more photos from the 2012 photo session

  1. Jack brice says:

    What guitar is he using? Looks like a yamaha?

  2. IAmBrent says:

    I REALLY wish that Mr. Piscitelli had them available in a larger size on his website...
    The original photo that surfaced from this session I'd been using as my desktop background, but with these ones they come up all blurry when I enlarge them to fit my computer screen...
    Obviously it's great to see the rest of the set, anyways, but still...

  3. Augusto says:

    he's definitely older

  4. samy says:

    could you please tell me where more exactly on Mike Piscitelli website are the photos? I can't find them? :S thanks:)

    • JF Fan says:

      I think they might have been removed. He's not listed in the people section, and the link leads to a mostly blank page. Any backups?

    • Patrick says:

      He was listed in the people section yesterday. Now he removed all the photos. Dunno why.

  5. luka says:

    Where are the pictures?

  6. Cameron says:

    I found these after some searching; scroll down a little and you'll see them

  7. Josh says:

    fuck feel bad saying this but johnny loos sad...maybe that's his response to press photos etc. I love seeing pics of him though its like how certain tribes say pictures steal there soul. With John on a certain level I wonder if he tunes out for that reason. I know he doesn't believe who he is, is how he is seen in the sense
    of rockstar on stage or pics etc. Whatever thanks for these. I just walked home from the subway and I was
    listening to smile from the streets, mind is blown every time i listen. I know it was a dark time and people find it sad, for some reason I don't I see him clinging to the only things he loves and not giving a fuck about anything but his one true love, music.

  8. Moe says:

    Wow is he wearing a Dr. Steve Brule shirt? That's awesome

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