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Reminder + Video: Get a JF print and help hurricane Sandy victims

A couple of months ago, Invisible Movement gave you a heads-up on how you can buy yourself a print from Justin Borucki and help the victims of hurricane Sandy.

This video where you can see a bunch of other outtakes and photos that made it to the magazines from the actual photoshot was created by Justin himself as a response to how many of you were interested in this particular print.

There still are some copies left, so treat yourself, if that's your kind of a thing. And remember: a portion of the of proceeds from the 8.5 x 11 print will benefit relief organizations serving the people and communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. All prints are hand-numbered and signed by the photographer.


We are not good with writing disclaimers, as they end up sounding like the complete opposite of what we want them to say, so how about this: we're just very sorry about things people write in comments, without taking others' feelings into consideration.

  • I got one - it's just gorgeous.

  • J Costa

    are those recents?

    • Iva

      They were taken in 2004. If you watched the video or clicked the link, you'd know. 😉

  • Luca

    I got on too. I was sooo happy when I got it 😀

  • vinny

    The outdoor shots remind me of the Heart is a Drum Machine interview-maybe it's some spot in his backyard he likes to do press haha.

  • Eugene

    I'm starting to see a lil buzz goin round about another new JF album coming out. Anybody know anything?

  • peter

    Is this sanctioned by Mr. Frusciante?

  • dick

    can i just choose a print or do i get a random one?

    • Iva

      You get the one pictured here.

      *edited my reply as it originally made no sense