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Let’s blog!

What is this, a site update among the news? Blasphemous, huh?

Actually, not that much. Back in the days before life got complicated, every single new addition to the site and every single new feature of the site and the board would be listed on bi-weekly basis. Like this. And it may be back again. Or it may not, who knows?

Either way, there's an important new functionality on the the message board. The members are now able to create their own blogs.

Why is this fun and useful?

You can get to know others better and find new friends from the same country, city or whatever floats your boat. To our knowledge, some friends and even some couples were brought together solely thanks to this website and its message board.

You can go on and on about your opinions, your fan collections, reviews of the shows you've been to (back in the Precambrian times when they were taking place), reviews of the albums or even songs themselves.

You can post your music as you're creating it, ask people for feedback, give feedback to others. Since the blogs are, unlike message board topics, readable by guests, you can also syndicate your blog elsewhere.

For more information and a tutorial on how to create your own blog, head right this way

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