John was Black Knights’ sound man last night at Low End Theory!

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As hinted earlier, Black Knights debuted two songs off their second collab album with John to come later this year, The Almighty at Low End Theory in Los Angeles last night. The show was pretty good and…guess who was at the mixing desk? One certain John Frusciante, also known as Trickfinger. You know, the one with glasses and casual attire.

We are especially happy that John performed live, as their sound man, for the first time in almost four years; and that a bunch of invisible movers made it to the show, enjoyed the experience and realised what he’s realised long time ago – that there are no genre boundaries and that, by being a “rocker” or whatever it’s called where you live, we might be missing a lot of awesome beats, melodies and genres otherwise left unexplored.

John as Black Knights' sound man / photo by Danny Fluck (Instagram)
John as Black Knights’ sound man / photo by Danny Fluck (Instagram). Click to see it in its full size or comment on the original.

John at the mixing desk / photo by Low End Theory (Instagram). Click to see it in its full size or comment on the original.

A view of John’s equipment from the back / photo by Jesse

The set was short, but energetic and the rap duo gave their best performance. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez was spotted in the crowd as well.

Some Tweets from the show and afterwards

And this one pretty much sums up what we’re thinking ourselves:

We are using this opportunity to thank the Black Knights for not minding our community and accepting that they have a whole bunch of new fans, including a lot of them who might not have been into hip-hop before. As they say – #thefansgottaeat and we’re getting to munch’ on some excellent, mighty MCing and beats!

We are also sorry that some people saw our “don’t expect anything in order not to be disappointed” clarifications in previous news item’s comments – they were just what it says. We did not want you to go there and end up not seeing John as the sound man, especially not if you flew in or took a long ride.

This was a big, big day – let’s hope it happens again and support the maestro for truly following his dreams; and Black Knights for being the hip-hop geniuses they are!

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  • Luca

    I would be so excited to see black knights live! I love there music… Black Knights + John as soundman.. This would be the most awesome thing in the world for me!
    But I live in Germany so I don't think that I will ever have any chance to see Black Knights live :/

  • Mark

    "Hip Hop genuises"?! Say what? Don't ya think that's a tiny little weenie bit exaggerated?

  • Alex

    This makes me so happy to see, I was a bit worried he'd become slightly agoraphobic after decades of world tours and media pressure but I guess he's just chillin. Really hope he gets out to do a few more shows in the future, it would be a dream come true for so many!

  • Ian9

    I was there, gave John a small gift I made him, and was able to do what I've dreamed of doing for SO long….simply express my gratitude to him, how much his music has meant to me and that it's saved my life.

    His response: "It saved mine too"

    and then we hugged.

    • Justin

      THIS is awesome and is exactly what I would do if I had the chance to meet John. No autograph, no pictures, just a simple "thank you".

      Love his response. What truth.

      Cheers to you!

  • A shem

    I guess some lives are worth saving and some just to be destroyed, and "art" can be even used as a weapon and as an excuse to use that weapon… Sad, that I find. Maybe music chooses who it saves or maybe it's still the man who uses it…?

  • Steve

    John is using AMS rack equipment, probably a digital delay and digital reverb but it's a bit hard to tell, manufactured in the eighties by a small British company called Advanced Music Systems located in Burnley, Lancashire. I used to work there and quite possibly worked on these very same pieces of kit 🙂

      • Steve

        Hi there, there are a couple of these units on Ebay UK at the moment, search for 'AMS Neve DMX 15-80s Vintage Outboard Delay Unit' and 'AMS Neve RMX 16 Vintage Outboard Reverb Unit' cheers, Steve

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