In UK? Vote for Under the Bridge on BBC’s Greatest Guitar Riff Ever!

This is for those who like to vote on things, the others may skip it and wait for updated on new music, whenever that occurs.

As part of their Guitar Season of programmes, BBC’s Radio 2 is asking its listeners to vote for what they consider to be the Greatest Guitar Riff Ever. A panel of guitar music experts (their own presenters, music critics, record producers) came up with 100 of their favourite riffs and one of them is the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Under the Bridge.

Second row from the bottom, next to EMF's Unbelievable
Second row from the bottom, next to EMF’s Unbelievable

The vote has been open for about five days now and it closes at 5pm on Friday 25 July 2014. Only people in UK are eligible to vote, but that does not mean the rest cannot at least cheer and, of course, enjoy the riffs. Here is the entire list.

The results will be announced, presumably in the form of a countdown on BBC Radio 2 on Monday, the 25th August.

BONUS FOR EVERYBODY WHO CANNOT VOTE: if you were to select one single riff from John’s time with RHCP, would you pick this one or some other? If so, which one?

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  • garry

    Most certainly the "harpsichord" (really just several harmonized guitars) from the outro of wet sand.

  • untitled #6

    Did you commit a felony??? Or are you under 18 years of age??? Or are you being held captive as a POW against your will, but generously granted internet access to improve the quality of your stay???

    You simply MUST tell us!

  • untitled #6

    What omissions would you add?

    Zep gets represented with Whole Lotta Love. I think Heartbreaker has got to be on there, too.

    London Calling by the Clash. Although they're on there for Should I Stay or Should I Go. And I might just want that one from hearing a certain band tease that intro 100 times before.

    Don't know about top 100 of all time, but Cult of Personality by Living Colour. Maybe an honorable mention there.

    What are yours?

  • Bernard

    Great fun listening to these riffs. I think they fall into two categories:

    -cleverly crafted melody with a brilliant guitar tone, but ultimately repetitive. Satisfaction, Pride, Seven Nation Army, Smoke on the Water, Sweet Child of Mine, Whole Lotta Love, and 90% of them fall under this category. Still absolute genius, mind you.

    -some 'break the mold' and the guitarist goes berserk with a creative tour de force. The instrument is singing, not accompanying. Johnny BGoode, Misirlou, Money for Nothing, Sunshine of your love fall into this category. I think UTB falls here too but hey, I'm biased.

    Incidentally, the ONLY one which caused me goose pimples while playing the all riffs is also the simplest of the bunch, which goes to say that music is a strange beast. Jonny Greenwood, I salute you!

    • untitled #6

      Greenwood – under appreciated despite gigantic popularity of band. Go to sleep!
      Same album, they pretty clearly borrowed the scatterbrain intro from talking heads warning sign, but hey, it happens.

      I dig the rest of this comment as well.

  • VladTheImpala

    Great to see Marquee Moon on the list. Although, I would love to see Elevation on the list; the riff and solo in that song are one of the greatest examples of emotional guitar playing, in my mind.

    I get the sense that they picked the most typical, iconic song for some of these bands. Black Sabbath, for example. Sure, Paranoid is one of their classic riffs, but it's hardly their best. I would have loved to see N.I.B. or Fairies on the list instead, even Snowblind.

    I understand that they wanted just one song by each band, but some of the picks don't make sense. I mean, they picked Sweet Home Alabama over Free Bird for Skynyrd.

    Not to crap on some of these bands, but a lot of the entires simply do not deserve to be on the list.

    There seems to be a hodge-podge of various genres and levels of taste on this list. Not to be a snob, but they have crap like Jon Bon Jovi, U2, Pearl Jam, Oasis, Franz Ferdinand, Guns & Roses, Van Halen, Survivor, and a bunch of other laughable junk alongside artists who are on a completely different level, like Bowie, Cream, John Lee Hooker, Floyd, Hendrix, etc. My feeling is they just picked songs based on popularity and name recognition, not actual guitar work.

    And if they weren't afraid to step out of the stereotypical guitar riff stuff by including artists like Daft Punk, yet they do not include a single entry by Genesis, Santana, Elton John, Tom Waits, or even decent 90s bands like Garbage or Ween. I guess they had to appeal to the Brit-centered mentality instead by including crap like Oasis, Blur, EMF, etc. Still, Elton John is a Brit and there's no love for him.

    • Hermann

      You seem to know some bands….
      I don't agree with you in your point that Pearl Jam is laughable junk and i'd never even think of putting Bon Jovi on one level with them .


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