Truth Hurts track “Naked” for #AllLivesMatter, produced by John

It’s been a long time since there was an update on John’s collaboration with Truth Hurts and the last thing we knew was that she was singing some vocals for Ratiug off PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone; but that this did not make it on the final recording.

And then, there is this. A Truth Hurts track produced by John and featuring the German hip-hop artist Joe Young. The track’s name is Naked and it’s built around John’s sample-based piece Glowe, which served as a promotional track for the Letur-Lefr EP around this time three years ago.

According to, with things turning to the worst in society and the world we live in today, Truth Hurts, Joe Young & the Legendary Guitarist/Producer John Frusciante come together to present this recording to the world. “Naked” is a piece of music that is more then a song. Its the gateway to the movement, #AllLivesMatter. The 3 have come together to build a force against racism thats [sic] ruling the world today.

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  • egg

    The rap worked, but what the fuck is going on with the vocals? Completely out of sync.

  • Tapeflutter paraland wanderer

    There have been very few musical responses to the recent revitalization of awareness about how much capacity language and cooperation have to transform culture. I am happy this is one of them, it is very wise! The idea of what happens in the story of Eden, that, as written, people discover that they can use language to create description about life and describe it as undesirable which creates feedback loops (“I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.”) Language was turned from something neutral and free into something polarizing and binding… but many people have an awareness of this. Our hearts working together with our understanding of language guide us to and show us the ways to resolve problems whose roots are in language.

  • VladtheImpala

    I agree. I like the politics of it. Too many people are saying that #AllLivesMatter is racist. What a bunch of insanity. Glad to see John’s friends aren’t going along with all the race-baiters and angry young liberals who are making excuses for rioting and anti-social behavior.

  • William Troia

    This is a very convoluted paragraph. It seems like you wrote it to say “look at me, I’m smart” and not much else

  • Iva


    This person has been a faithful reader of this website for seven years now, and though their comments are almost always non-sequitur, I am pretty sure that they do not mean to make themselves sound smart.

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