New Black Knights non-album track, Venus Scroll

Black Knights often say that the fans have to eat, which is probably why they have gifted the listeners with yet another free track produced by John. The song is Venus Scroll and you can download it in three different formats from Record Collection Music’s Soundcloud profile and, if you like it, repost it or share it further.

In case you don’t see the above player, click here.

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  • Cameron

    Wow! I respect and have come to truly appreciate much of John’s recent output (post-2009) with time; but it’s good to hear something more in touch with his innate pop sensibilities. I know that he isn’t phased by the thoughts of his fans: however, this is such a joy to hear – I think this is a hugely successful attempt to draw on, and combine, both his abilities as a popular recording artist and the experimental drive which sets him apart from his contemporaries.

  • Untitled #6

    Why not, like, just listen to some other music? If there’s no hope without any guitar, well, what the hell is the point of listening to it?

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