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Scar Tissue tabs in Total Guitar for October 2015

Sorry for the hiatus, folks. We have not gone away. The things that need to be caught up with will be caught up with as soon as possible, but you should definitely have a look at recent releases in the right corner of the front page and look them up – they’re as awesome as it gets.

For this quick press-clipping update, we’re giving you a heads-up on Scar Tissue tabs in this month’s issue of Total Guitar.

Here is what the editors say:
‘Californication’, the Chilis’ 1999 album that features Scar Tissue, is often seen as the natural follow-up to 1991’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik, as it saw the return of guitar genius John Frusciante.

Most of the time the instrumentation is only drums, bass and one rhythm guitar fronted by Kiedis’ vocals. The main addition to this is Frusciante’s slide guitar solos. Accurate pitching is the biggest challenge, so make sure to place your slide directly over the target fret; move away from the fret and the note will sound out of tune. It’s also worth nothing that a higher action is preferable for playing slide. It may be worth digging out an old guitar to use just for slide.

The other difficulty with Scar Tissue relates to a loose swing feel throughout the track. Understanding that there are varying degrees of swing is a difficult concept to explain, but you’ll develop a feel for it by learning new songs and playing with other musicians.

Click the thumbnails to go to the individual pages in the gallery or here for the entire album.

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As usual, we recommend you to buy the magazine, especially since it comes with a 32-page mini-magazine for bassists and, of course, a CD where tracks 59 and 60 are complementary to the above tabs.

P.S. Don’t forget – our archive is huge. By huge, we mean gigantic. Colossal.

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One Comment

  • Sibo

    Like in the orignal Tab book of Californication these tabs are still not
    correct, since he is not playing on the 8th fret, as you can see in
    every live performance of this song.

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