Live Room post up on John’s blog

John has written another post on his blog, concerning the “Live Room” mentioned in the entry on the Almighty instrumentals, with more details on how the room came to be and how it originally had a different purpose. He says that his omission of the intended purpose of the room in the said written piece was an oversight, so he thought he’d mention it.

He reveals that the room was originally his control room from back when his studio was a “rock” studio and then goes on to describe its transformation through a series of events that led him to a very interesting semi-accidental (?) discovery:

By the time the room was finished, I had it in mind to use it for this secondary purpose, and I clapped in there for the first time and was disappointed. It sounded almost dead, with no real bounce to speak of. But when I sent very loud sounds into it and placed microphones in specific positions I became very excited. I’ve been able to make that room sound like reverb by being creative. It’s not a reverb chamber. It’s also not a very large or high-ceilinged room, but I’ve managed to make it sound like one by being resourceful.

Read the whole thing here and if you have not done so already, go listen to the Almighty instrumentals or download them through bandcamp or Soundcloud.

Addendum, July 14th, 2016: John previously spoke about the live room and how he made it “swell into Rugged Monk’s voice in the 2014 Guitar Player interview.

*I’m not good with summaries of things beyond my expertise and this is why the previous post was never published and is up now. But backdated posts are cool, so yeah. ^_^

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  • Graet

    This is the beginning of a new wave of sound…literally…anyone?…ah you don’t recognize it because it’s traveling in a vehicle you’ve never known it to travel in…that sounds unheard of. Just turned 5

  • Everything's Everything

    Ol John Frusciante didn’t realize what he stumbled across while playing in the past. He thought time stood where it was kept, so he ran to it, pushed it to its capacity from one angle after another. It was only a matter of time after so many times that time finally ran away from him, long enough for him to catch a glimpse of what time never was…this time

  • GraeT

    In all honesty, has anyone been following this musical treasure map John’s been writing this whole time? This would be the place to find obsessive fans (I’m one of them) so I have to ask. I feel everything John has been alluding to and seeking in music his whole life is finally coming undone, he has been breaking apart every form of musical expression from any era that he could get his hands on, music that people gave up on to move onto the next…leaving a world of afterthoughts. We found ourselves in a creative stalemate in a section of chemistry that ties all us together. Not that music has been dead- music is proof nothing ever dies- but we have exhausted all that had been in front of our eyes, without ever looking back. MUSIC, and all that derives from it will seem to have changed overnight…not tonight, but sooner than any of us think, because someone went back and broke up what we’ve let harden up and assumed dead, and when things are left to sleep long long enough they even believe they are dead…I knew the feeling, I convinced myself I was dead for a long long time… but nothing is allowed to sleep forever, and when it is woken up…the energy that was once dormant erupts out of its cage and we as humans can’t do anything to stop it, that’s when the energy of the music finds people who are ready to play. Make no mistake this signifies nothing more than the next phase, and next is nothing new, in fact it’s infinite. As all, this phase will require passion, determination, hard hard work, experiment, with more failures than success, stumbling into success rather, giving the “controller” not much space to take credit for the idea…think of the eras of music we consider to have been “most” alive, well, and doing its part in capturing the state of time at the time…Hendrix comes to mind…did Jimi even get to know his music-his role- would feed the world of guitar- a dominating force music has clung to-for generations and generations… yet and never to die?…there’s something about trailblazing that allows fear of the unknown and wonderment of discovery to blend into eachother so much that very few are willing to risk what seems like our one shot, but it’s not. The powers against us really try to keep new things from coming in…because something must become dormant for something to wake, and even the powers that govern us do not know how long it will sleep before something wakes it…and now I am rambling…Sorry I was following my own trail…

  • alright

    and this site is quite dead for the moment. So I’m finally gonna move on til I come back around. Thanks Iva for all you do preserving an awesome piece of history, present, and future, I can’t imagine what you have to go through to keep this site running, and for as long as you have! It was a guide to what I needed to finally realize what direction I was headed anyway…ha I finally get the meaning of Invisible Movement

  • Iva

    Thank you, but I am trying to process the idea of six comments under six different aliases for no apparent reason. If you want discussion, just ask and I’m sure people will want to comment. 🙂

    Most smaller websites on the internet are dead because Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram – where things are appreciated with no context and in mostly visual manner – are eating them for lunch. It’s the sad reality of the internet nowadays. This means that people have to pursue the intellectual discussion themselves, not to have it come to them.

  • Z91

    I ended up here after hearing “murderers” from one of John’s albums being played on a MFC models page, lol. Just finished like 2hrs of the Vpro interviews on youtube and found an article here dated back to ’96, good thing John is ok now. Thanks for the website!

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