Black Knights tease Head Above Water

Head Above Water, the first track to be previewed off Excalibur was posted on the Black Knights’ otherwise dormant Soundcloud profile and, subsequently, their Facebook Fan Page. When asked if this was a Trickfinger-produced song, the duo responded with a yes.

Naturally, it went with all the necessary fanfare. At first, they hyped it just a wee bit…

And then, a couple of hours later, they have announced it!

You can listen to the song here or in the embedded player below. The instrumentation is as idiosyncratic as can be, resembling the maestro’s 2012-2014 releases, there is a female vocalist that we think we recognise and the rhymes are dropped at the speed of light. This is the droid kind of hip-hop you’ve been looking for. Don’t forget to drop by the band’s social networking profiles and tell them that you liked it.

The song is not available for download, as an instrumental or in alternative formats at the time of writing this post.

Black Knights have previously teased the album name and, two months ago, John released instrumental tracks for The Almighty and wrote two blog posts about them.

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