John in Omar’s new music video for Running Away

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s music video for the song Running Away off Corazones album, the second one in the series he is set to release by the end of the year, premiered exclusively on Pitchwork‘s YouTube channel.

In the nearly three-minute-long clip directed by Violeta Felix and filmed by Adrian Blanco, Omar is seen lying on the ground in various locations. It is soon revealed how he got there in a series of flashbacks where he is approaching friends and collaborators with flowers in various locations – there are sections featuring Robin Laananen, Tatiana Velasquez, multimedia artist Aura T-09, the Mars Volta’s original bassist Eva Gardner, Omar’s new label mate Buzz Osborne of the Melvins, Terri Gender Bender of Le Bucherettes and…John. Each of these people punches Omar in the face and he falls down and then, during the last minute of the song, continues singing lying down, the friends having gone away.

The symbolism of the simplistic video is – as it is the case with all art – open to many interpretations. Stereogum give their own take on it, while – on the other hand – Rolling Stone calls it light-hearted.

Watch the video

John in the video

If you are not able to watch the video this very moment and you’re curious about John’s part in it, here are a couple of rough, quick, screengrabs of him walking down the street, stopping opposite Omar and punching him in the face. He is otherwise not performing on this recording.

Get This Album

You can get Corazones via Ipecac Records on iTunes and bandcamp – it’s a great album. And remember – there is an album featuring John’s playing coming on August 26th!

* Many thanks to Dora for having seen this first!

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  • Bernard

    Good to see John back in a music vid….and that his ‘AA’ tat still has pride of place on his wrist ! 😛

  • Sterling9

    Haha…never heard the chaos symbol (rhcp asterisk) referred to as that. I, of course, thought the original poster meant “AA” as in Alcoholics Anonymous…because they do have a group symbol (triangle within a circle). I just wanted to clarify that if the original poster thought any of his tats were associated with that group…it isn’t so. Just for the sake of clearing up any confusion. Thanks for the response and giving me a new bit of rhcp fan lingo. “Angels asshole” ha….interesting.

  • SMP

    Knockle sandwhich just punch u in face dont threaten me Don’t threaten u suck my kiss most mother fuckers give ahhh cold ass stare what ahh joke showing ahhh little bit of respect for human life Gordon downie worst brain tumor 78 u can get 1 year 2 live gods version of the devil hate cronic pain love relfvife

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