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Niandra LaDes Gets a Vinyl Release!

Yes, you're reading this well. 23 years after it saw the light of the day, the cult favourite Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt is finally getting a vinyl release, through the San Francisco-based Superior Viaduct label.

The double LP will be released in two versions - one on standard black vinyl and the other on red, with a bonus 7" record containing the previously cassette-only tracks, Ants and Untitled, the latter often referred to Usually Just A T-Shirt. The release date is October 20th.

Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt

Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt

Buy the deluxe edition here.
Buy the regular edition here.


31 Reactions to Niandra LaDes Gets a Vinyl Release!

  1. Hans W. says:

    EPIC!!! that's a dream is coming true!!! I've had songs stuck in my head from that album this week, now that message is a huge surprise!

  2. Leighton says:


    Compare the excitement over this to the "excitement" over Trickfinger 2's release. A massive difference.

  3. / Jason / says:

    Thank you sooo much for posting this! Truly one of the most important albums in my growth. So sorry to hear about your rough 2017. Any way you can put up a kickstarter at bottom of link for your copy ? I'd love to pitch in but can't pay for the whole thing . .

  4. / Jason / says:

    I think I meant gofundme 😁

  5. banjo says:

    It's already sold out I'm so sad aaaa

  6. Seth says:

    What should have been amazing news has turned into something quite agonizing to think about. They essentially allowed a small group of people to purchase multiple copies of this very limited release while leaving many of us in a perplexed state of "what the fuck just happened!?".

  7. Rob says:

    I honestly there are like 100 people ordering 10 copies each, as you describe. Sure there will be people buying with the intention of selling and increase of value.

    But overall there were only 1000 pieces. And Frusciante has quiet a big fan base, especially for his older stuff.

    Its a matter of being fast enough in purchasing a sought after, very limited piece.

  8. Seth says:

    How many copies did you purchase, Rob?

    It's not a question of speed if most fans don't have a fair shot at hearing about the news first. Why do a pre-sale of 1000 copies, why not give fans a fair chance of hearing about the release first? I heard of it 2 days after it was announced and it was already sold out.

    Also, please try not to put words in my mouth. I gave no such numbers. 1 multiple copy to anyone is too much given the amount of copies offered. This release is just a money grab and has very little to do with honoring John or the fans.

  9. Adam says:

    dude, just get the standard copy, it's not big of a deal. Fuck scalpers, because they definitely ruin everything- but still, all you're missing out on is a 7', and you can still own such a piece of art.

  10. Seth says:

    Scalpers. How about the dirt bag record company that released it in such a manner? I have the art, the actual music itself, but I am also a long time Frusciante collector/fan and have majority of the vinyl releases. I have never before witnessed such a scam with a Frusciante release. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It directly goes against what John is. The rest of his releases became valuable after the fact. They purposely created an extreme scarcity with this release to drastically increase the value for the copies they are keeping for themselves and all they gave a heads up to. It is complete and utter BS! Fuck their standard copy.

  11. IOIOIOIO says:

    Niandra LaDes was assembled in the midst of a very creative time. We should honor the music and perhaps stay less concerned about how it is heard. It unfortunately costs a lot - a lot of money to manufacture vinyl and I think that's why a lot of his releases are so limited. I could be wrong, but it's just maybe something to consider other than anger.

  12. Seth says:

    Obviously your comment was motivated by my comments so I will respond. It has nothing to do with the cost of vinyl production in determining how many records are released. How does that even make sense? The cost of manufacturing anything is past on to the consumer. The demand is obviously there, not only can we tell that by looking at how fast this sold out, but also by simply searching how much John Frusciante Vinyl releases currently sell for on places like ebay and discogs. So no, considering something make believe instead of experiencing anger does nothing except make a person delusional.

    There also isn't a set limit to the standard copies they are issuing.

  13. Josh Dittmann says:

    Lets see the empyrean and shadows next!!

  14. VladtheImpala says:

    It's only the deluxe edition that's limited, not the regular edition, so your anger is misplaced. You missed out, but hey, so did I, and so did most of us. The weird little conspiracy theory you are proposing makes no sense. John Frusciante and this small record label somehow conspired to give a bunch of scalpers free money? Makes no sense. You think anyone makes money on vinyl, other than scalpers? They cost a lot to manufacture, that's why the prices are high. And the records being sold for hundreds of dollars on ebay and discogs, that money goes to the scalper, not to the artist or the record label, so there's no conspiracy here.

    Honestly, I'm surprised at how fast this sold out. The Australian pressing of To Record Only Water For Ten Days was only 1500 copies total, and it took 6 months to fully sell out, but a 1000 copies of this special edition sold out in one day? That's really surprising. It's possible that the reality of vinyl scalping is getting worse. Scalpers may have caught on to how valuable Frusciante records are. Or one particular scalper ordered 800 copies, who knows? Perhaps the fact that this record label is located inside the USA is a factor - the Australian pressings were charging an arm and a leg for shipping, but the US has that "media mail" thing where sending records is dirt cheap. Maybe a bunch of record stores bought copies due to the cheap shipping? I know a bunch of record stores were buying the Twelve Suns pressings as well, then selling them at a slight mark up. The brick and mortar vinyl record store is just as much of a scalper of limited editions as anyone else.

  15. Seth says:

    You completely fail to understand where I'm coming from with any of this. First of all John has nothing to do with this. I doubt he gave zero input on how it was released other than giving his approval on the sound quality. His personal website has made no reference to this release. Also, John most definitely does not own the rights to this album. If John were behind this I would have nothing to say, because it's his art and creation.

    It's a money grab because they created a scarce collectible of someone else's work and released it in a way that it would end up in the hands of a few. The record company employees would have kept personal copies, they would have told friends, who would have told friends, who told family...whoever. The news was released on about 5 low key websites and sold out in a day. How did the word spread so fast? It's barely a blip on the internet radar. And to top it off people could purchase as many copies as they wanted. You contrast that with last years release of "to record water...", which also had 1000 copies, but took 6 months to sell. That one actually made it out of pre-sale even. How is there such a massive contrast between the two? You yourself can tell it doesn't compute.

    What is with you guys with this, it is expensive to produce vinyl, grap!? Do you think the $36 dollar pre-sale price was selling as a loss? Hell no! The cost is passed onto the consumer. Please tell me if you need me to spell that out to you in a more simplistic way.

    The standard issue is devalued greatly as a collectible because of the deluxe edition. Plus, the deluxe edition comes with a separate 7" disc with two tracks that were only released on the cassette version originally. Very rare! If you equate the two copies as being the same, that's fine, but that isn't the case for me or many others.

  16. Charles Jarvis says:

    this i magnificent news; I love that twentyfive-track debut album of frusciante; and to finally be able to get it on two vinyl copies is the max, and my man of the recordstore has already ordered a copie for me, thanks coffee&vinyl"mister lars corsemans,and of course:mister frusciante"

  17. Seth says:

    The first deluxe edition listing on Ebay is selling for $350 usd.

  18. Waldemar Kempf says:

    Yeah, it started from 125$ to now 350$.

  19. VladtheImpala says:

    I am disappointed and suspicious as well, but neither of us actually knows what happened here

  20. Seth says:

    We know it was released in a manner that gave little to no consideration to the fans. At the very least they could have given some notice before opening the sale. Like how is anyone suppose to prepare for a random vinyl release 23 years after the albums debut?

    I just find the release as being tainted. I'm not as fired up about it as I was initially. There are way more important things in life than this. I wish you the best, brother!

  21. Joseph Kenbok says:

    My vinyl is almost here. And I got an email saying that since they sold out of the limited edition ones so quickly and they were so few, they’re putting in a nice surprise with the regular vinyl. Totally stoked!!

  22. Joe says:

    Nice, let us know what the nice surprise is

  23. Joseph Kenbok says:

    Will do! Arriving Thursday

  24. Iva says:

    Anthony, can you please send me a pic of the print, for the site archive, since I didn't acquire a copy of my own? I'll appreciate it.

  25. Joe says:

    Awesome, can't wait for mine to arrive!! Although I really wish they chose the origin brown cover rather then the gray one, but I'm not gonna complain when I finally have it on LP

  26. Joseph Kenbok says:

    They sent this photo print from the funky monks era of John playing guitar

  27. Brendon says:

    Anybody still looking for the Vinyl? I’m in San Francisco and bought one yesterday with some still available at my local music store.

  28. Charles Jarvis says:

    I'm still waiting for it & my recorddea

  29. Charles Jarvis says:

    just get the vinyl to europe please

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