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The 2018 Donation Rally – Hosting x2, Maintenance, Thingamabobs + Your Archivist’s Message

“If all you do is fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing.”
- Hear Syndulla.

I prefer quoting fictional characters to real people - their sayings can be applied to any context and nobody will get offended. Plus, it's totally okay to binge on cartoons in one's mid-thirties. Anyway, let's get to the point.

This is that time of the year. Not the holiday season, we always miss that one on purpose, apart from an occasional New Year greeting. This is the donation rally time.

As usual, the donations are handled through PayPal. The address is and, for some reason, using a button does not work, so this has to be done manually.

This is a good time to note that the said email address is now checked only periodically, due to up to three hundred spam messages per day. Had enough poker, groin enlargement, doomsday solutions, plans for wood sheds and politicians being related to Satan; plus phishing links from folks who sent something back in, say, 2006 and whose email accounts have been long abandoned.

And now the long story, for those who want to read it. If you're not interested, just skip it at will. 2017 was TEH SUX and THERE IS A LOT TO BE DONE.

"What needs to be done?"

The usual stuff goes first - hosting. Not sure if the backed up archive worth of thirty years of TEH STUPHZ needs anything, but it just might. That said, somebody asked about backups recently, in a manner I did not appreciate

But this time, due to numerous screw-ups, we might as well pay somebody who's good with the backend stuff to do a proper clean-up - these things used to be so simple ten years ago, but now, LOLNOPE - and set the base for a necessary frontend overhaul. Somebody who could help with the Console would be nice, too, as the drop we had recently is far beyond the knowledge of a frontender focused on themes, website architecture and user interfaces.

This frontend overhaul was planned in 2016, then 2017 and it was stopped before it even started due to unfortunate circumstances mentioned above. Right now, the site is set to be copied to the local server (that's this desktop computer for you) in order for the version eight to be developed without disrupting a single thing for the visitors. Once this has been done, it won't take more than a couple of hours for the update.

Now, when will this be? Depends on many circumstances. Most of them related to the dreaded J-word. News are the priority to adding missing stuff that takes less work, which is the priority to working on the new design, which is the priority to adding missing stuff that takes more work.

Here's a list of immediate priorities. Yeah, most folks can't read that. It's for me. Soz.

Rest assured that there are many of these where they came from, as well as a backlog/diary of what's been done - in English, maintained since October 2012. The said log is going to be public once I've figured out how and where to put it updates on what's been updated are so 2007!

You paid in 2014 and 2015

Yeah, well, I had 3200€ per month working on online gambling websites for some nice Scandinavian people back then. And they could have been spent on something meaningful. Never allow a borderline manage her own income, at least not before she's hit the rock bottom and learned it herself (cue: 2017 music). If I can get to the upper half of the three-digit this year, I will be grateful! Anybody need a web person? :p

Try to live here - almost all the same costs as elsewhere in the developed world, much smaller income AND flavours of dictatorship. We truly have everything, betcha jealous. That, plus I have not worked since November 2016 or so, due to an epic health screw-up that pretty much turned me into a plant by later spring of 2017. Only getting into the normal mode this month, February 2018.

So, what happened to you in 2017?

Long story short? Wrong therapy for a dangerous condition I do not have, with a medicine that kills movement, creativity, at some point even the basic functionality. Was a plant by early May, a machine by July. This was stopped in August, the shameful diagnosis was overruled by somebody saner than the doctor in September, but the bloody thing - whatever it is -

Writing each of the two July and August posts took about an hour per post. And yes, they're super-short. Writing this one will probably take far less than one hour of effective work.

I never got a Niandra LP of any kind - though I could've begged the people who probs never heard of me for it because promotion or I could've acted irresponsibly and jerkily and used the pay-your-bills money for it. I could've done the same with Trickfinger II in any format, but I opted to ask a friend for mp3s until further notice.

I only listened to Poem again in December, Trickfinger II in January and Excalibur this month - love it all. Yeah, I betrayed my mega-fan cred. Because life and that time when you can't enjoy anything, including food, sunshine and beloved pets, because of somebody else's mistake.

If you want to know more about what happened in 2017 - shoot me a message. There's a thank you video on the Facebook page, but it might not remain there for a long time. You know, people google you when you get the leads and so on. It's 'nuff to be rejected because they think you're, I quote, "interested in some troubled characters" and then gracefully pass a link to this very website because they're klasseigh.

I know what happened and I helped!

Those FB posts have been removed, because of the above. But I will be forever grateful to you, as well as some of my RL foreign pals and people who - ironically - get my money, hopefully this year, too. And the person who caused all of this to happen will be notified about it in March. Because she should know how far she took her stupidity and misjudgment of character. Get it, lady with two degrees, some people are hyperactive by nature all the time, come up with ideas at the snap of a finger and get really fidgety when they drink too much caffeine - it's not called mania, it does not need to be fixed, it's what somebody's been for thirty-five years next Sunday. People's nature cannot be changed and the illness du jour is not the only valid explanation - even less when it's known to be a common diagnostic error, due to the rich inner world of those who lack emotional regulation all the time, not just sometimes.


Congrats, you've made it to the end of this stream-of-consciousness mess. And you might have figured things out if you're a traumatised and ever-paranoid psychology nerd. Seriously, if so, drop me a line. I am eager to talk when I'm not balancing among running this website and bringing it back to where it should be, life in a crap country with a person closer to 80 than 70 and the urge to find work.

As said in the intro, the donations are handled through PayPal. The address is and, for some reason, using a button does not work, so this has to be done manually.


- your borderline admin who somehow recovered from clinical depression and is definitely not "the other B word"


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