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John Releases the Excalibur Instrumentals

Instrumentals for the last year's Black Knights release, Excalibur, have been posted in a single playlist on John's Soundcloud profile. They were made public in the last day or so, though the timestamp is April 26th. The cover art used for this compilation is identical to the one used for the album proper.

The instrumental versions of tracks 2, 3 and 7 the AD and Tekitha vocals, respectively.

At this time, the files can only be downloaded individually, in .wav format and they are not available on John's bandcamp page yet, or in any kind of a compressed format suitable for your portable devices. This post will be updated if/once they are. Until then, use your favourite digital jukebox to compress them in case you want to take them with you - we're going to take Excalibur on a bike ride along the rivers' confluence and beyond.

Happy listening!


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