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John and Flea Seen Together for the First Time in Almost a Decade!

This is not the kind of a thing we would normally share, but since it's a curiosity, we are going for it.

John and Flea have been spotted together at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles during last night's boxing match between Mikey Garcia and Robert Easter Jr. The photos have surfaced on the venue's instagram profile as well as a couple of agency websites, and you can see them below.

Flea and John at the boxing match

This might be random, or not; but it sure is nice to see them together in the same place, in good spirits.

*Many thanks to Shalhevet for the heads-up.


6 Reactions to John and Flea Seen Together for the First Time in Almost a Decade!

  1. Brian says:

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  2. Joe kenbok says:

    Even if this is nothing more than a hangout it is so nice to see them smiling together and still being friends.

  3. SMP says:

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  4. Lincoln Ciemny says:

    Fan interview from earlier this year (I was only 50/50 that it was authentic) said John said "Maybe", but "not for a long time". That plus THIS lends more hope to sooner rather than later. They belong together, as my favorite band of all time. Hoping.....

  5. J says:

    For a short I time I thought of Pinna while reading Garcia. Oops. (More or less the same, right?)

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