Red Hot Chili Peppers

Flea’s Confirmation of John’s Return

After the media has launched a fully-blown nostalgia fest in honour of John’s second return to the Chili Peppers, the band’s founder and bassist Flea started responding to some people’s reactions on Twitter. In this retweet, he further confirms John’s return. While we are not sure if he was aware that the news caught everybody by surprise, these kind of tweets are sure good for all fans’ anxieties.

In case the tweet is not loading for you due to slow connection speed and/or a firewall, here is what he said:

Thank you so much Yannick. I love the records with Josh too. Josh is amazing. And a beautiful man too. And yes John is back. Nature moves and waves are for riding.

We are currently trying to compile the best of the best regarding the features and op-eds regarding John’s return and, given that one of our main functions is archiving information from the last three decades, if you see anything in your local paper – send us a tip!

*thanks Martin L. for the heads-up