Trickfinger - Look Down See Us cover art

New Trickfinger release, “Look Down See Us” out on Evar Records

The alter ego of John Frusciante, Trickfinger, is active again. A new EP, titled “Look Down See Us” is out on Evar Records, as of early this morning. So, if you’re looking for some music to dance to by yourself during the worldwide lockdown, you don’t have to look any further. For $1 per track, or more if you feel like tipping the artists in these difficult times, you can have five brand new tracks.

Evar Records is, as it turns out, the joint effort of the man himself and his significant other of the past couple of years.

“Owned and operated by Aura T-09 & Trickfinger, Evar Records is an experimental electronic label emphasizing genre defying transitory hybrid musical spaces with music for the brain and body alike.”

The actual physical release appears to be available for pre-order in Japan, from at least two sources: HMV Japan and Billboard Japan. Our friendly suggestion would, of course, be to wait until the life has normalised before you order it.

For those of you who have been out of the loop during the eleven plus years of John’s absence from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Trickfinger project has had two releases so far: Trickfinger (2015) and Trickfinger 2 (2017). Some of the tracks are from as long ago as 2007. John described the recording process and talked about these releases a handful of times in 2015.

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