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Speed Dealer Moms live online TONIGHT, April 25th! Nu:cenosis Festival

Tomorrow it will have been precisely 11 years since the Speed Dealer Moms could not perform at the Bangface Weekender 2009 in Camber Sands (UK), due to voltage differences between their Northern American and European equipment. But since everything has been starting to look a bit too good for the past couple of months, guess what? They will be performing live online, tonight!

Nu:cenosis rave, poster
Nu:cenosis rave, poster

The Nu:Cenosis festival, described by Papermag:

Collectives/ event organizers Hurt-Free Network, Unseelie, Trance Nation, Neurodungeon and WWWF have all joined forces to throw the mother of all digital music festivals with Nu:Cenosis. Featuring five curated stages, the lineup for the fest includes some of the most exciting names currently dominating the underground club scene such as Doss, Kamixlo, LSDXOXO, Fire-Toolz, Kilbourne, Himera, Qualiatik, DV-i, John Frusciante and Venetian Snares’ Speed Dealer Moms, Kurama and more.

The event is also listed on Resident Advisor and Facebook, where you can mark yourself as going. You can also follow the Nu:cenosis Page and its instagram profile. Resident Advisor implies that this whole rave experience is free to watch, but that you can donate and thereby tip the organisers and artists.

Nu:cenosis line-up flyier
Nu:cenosis line-up flyier

The Speed Dealer Moms themselves will be on April 25th, 111 PM CST. Check out personal world clocks or the time-related app on your mobile device and set yourself a reminder and, of course, wake-up alarm.

In order to follow the event, go to twitch.tv and register an account. I strongly recommend that you do this via your computer or TV, for better experience. You will have to register with a valid email address and confirm your registration. If you would like to check if your machine’s codecs et cetera are up to date, there are two test videos available. In case you would prefer to watch the event from a different device, you will need a separate authorization code for that as well.

All set then? Well, see you this evening, morning, afternoon, whatever! 🙂 This is going to be awesome.

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