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Maya Makes It to the Riff Magazine Best of 2020 list

John’s Maya has received glowing reviews upon its release. We have been presented with the first music video since The Past Recedes and the entire concept of nine meticulously composed songs dedicated to a beloved pet that passed away seems to have attracted more attention than the releases from the previous decade. It’s no wonder that both the CD and the vinyl LP have been sold out in a span of less than two months.

In addition to that, at the time of the year wrap up 2020 – it is also making onto the list of the year’s best albums!

Riff Magazine is gradually revealing the list of their 75 hand-picked favourites and Maya made it to 29. They may or may not be aware with JF’s entire journey through the electronic music, from the stories he shared and his versatile output from Letur-Lefr to this year’s two other releases – but they love it and that’s what matters the most.

29. John Frusciante — Maya – Timesig – Alex Baechle

Ordinarily, when a rock guitarist quits a lucrative gig to make jungle electronica, it warrants a big “whatever, dude.” The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ on-again, off-again guitarist John Frusciante nevertheless sought his bliss, dabbling with mixed results in dance music and alternative rock during a 14-year hiatus from his main money maker. At last, with Maya, Frusciante made the hyper-focused, sonically specific loops-and-synths album to justify his madness. Named after the house cat who sat in on Frusciante’s musical process for 15 years, Maya is jam-packed with hairpin breakbeats, oblique chanting and cosmic arcs. The album’s high-strung reactivity makes sense as a theme of instinctual creatures navigating an increasingly automated environment. Frusciante proves that living your best life involves more than following your muse—you also got to bring the goods. (Subtext: Frusciante’s cat made him quit the Chili Peppers.)

You can read the 30-21 page here. Their top 75 is gradually being revealed and has so far and there has been a lot of variety – with everything from BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga to Pearl Jam and The Strokes.

Has Maya made it to any other list of the best albums of the year so far, regardless of the place? Drop us a note!