John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement

Special: RHCP Live at Green Fest – 26th June 2007

RHCP's first performance in Serbia was long-awaited and 100 000 people attended the festival solely to see them. It was the biggest performance of the Stadium Arcadium tour and, unfortunately, the shortest one; due to some sort of health problems that, ironically, happened to John. However, he was giving his best until the very end and even though he jammed less than ever and there was no outro to the show; he graced us all with a very beautiful slow cover of ABBA's SOS, an explosive out-of-this-world intro and a heavenly outro to Don't Forget Me.

Due to popular demand and a huge bunch of the Balkans-wide audience Invisible Movement gained promoting this show,getting people to take photos and videos and reporting on it afterwards; it is expected to have the show as an audio download as well. And thanks to hcrockso who fixed the original recording and made it sound brilliant; it is now possible to download this gem.

Also, mad props to Zak who did the first version of this back in the days.

Download The Show

The mp3 files have a bitrate of 192 Kbps and three songs are missing as the band and band's management wanted them to be omitted from the recording. There are also FLACs that you can listen on your computer with an appropriate codec pack and burn onto CDs to enjoy on your stereo systems.

  1. Intro
    get mp3, downloaded 4629 times, 7.09 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 696 times, 51.80 Mb
  2. Can't Stop
    get mp3, downloaded 2693 times, 7.05 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 393 times, 55.30 Mb
  3. Dani California
    get mp3, downloaded 2459 times, 7.09 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 340 times, 57.00 Mb
  4. Scar Tissue
    get mp3, downloaded 2423 times, 6.22 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 313 times, 48.30 Mb
  5. Charlie
    get mp3, downloaded 2194 times, 6.22 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 302 times, 50.40 Mb
  6. Instrumental Jam
    get mp3, downloaded 1796 times, 2.06 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 320 times, 15.40 Mb
  7. Readymade
    get mp3, downloaded 2173 times, 6.32 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 292 times, 51.10 Mb
  8. SOS
    get mp3, downloaded 3306 times, 3.29 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 336 times, 22.70 Mb
  9. Higher Ground
    get mp3, downloaded 2331 times, 4.90 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 300 times, 40.30 Mb
  10. She's Only 18
    get mp3, downloaded 3283 times, 4.61 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 332 times, 35.90 Mb
  11. Right On Time
    get mp3, downloaded 2174 times, 4.04 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 272 times, 32.50 Mb
  12. Californication
    get mp3, downloaded 2213 times, 7.51 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 294 times, 58.20 Mb
  13. Flea's Song
    get mp3, downloaded 2093 times, 1.65 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 285 times, 11.40 Mb
  14. By The Way
    get mp3, downloaded 2044 times, 6.50 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 281 times, 48.00 Mb
  15. Give It Away
    get mp3, downloaded 2098 times, 8.70 Mb
    get FLAC, downloaded 289 times, 69.30 Mb

Download cover art

These beauties were also done by mr. hcrockso sr. They're in 300 dpi - which is the standard print resolution - and that's why they're so big. Click on thumbnails to open each image in a new window.

Red Hot Chili Peppers live at Green Fest in Serbia - 26th June 2007; CD cover by hcrockso Red Hot Chili Peppers live at Green Fest in Serbia - 26th June 2007; CD back cover by hcrockso
Red Hot Chili Peppers live at Green Fest in Serbia - 26th June 2007; CD inlay by hcrockso