• John Frusciante - Brand E music video still 16

    Maya Makes It to the Riff Magazine Best of 2020 list

    Maya makes it to the Riff Magazine's list of 75 best albums of 2020, placing and 29, on top of the glowing reviews it received in October and the fact that it has been sold out.

  • “Brand E” – John’s First Music Video in 15+ Years

    John Frusciante has a music video? There has not been one since The Past Recedes in 2005. This one has a different mood and its focus are abstract shapes, a cat named Tanya apparently playing the late Maya, a lady with blank eyeballs and John himself, with theatre binoculars.

  • Evar Records Instagram Posts Two Short Clips Related to Maya

    Evar Records have posted short clips featuring John, the Maya logotype and an unknown woman with white eyes on their Instagram profile. Many folks are reposting these to YouTube. Say, what is going on?

  • The “Lost” Interview with John from 2004 published with a transcript

    Fifteen years ago, around the release of Shadows Collide with People, John was interviewed by Steve Rosen. This interview never made it to the internet or print and was instead quietly posted online circa one month ago. The other day, Rosen decided to publish it with a full transcript on Rock Cellar magazine and now that John’s reunion with the Red Hot Chili Peppers is a trending topic worldwide, the views are skyrocketing. You can listen to the interview on YouTube. Here are some interesting excerpts from the transcript, at least in our humble opinion. On what he considers himself to be as a musician JF: What I consider myself…

  • We Are a Happy Family Tribute to Ramones vinyl promo

    Ramones 2003 Tribute Gets a Double Vinyl Release!

    This news is a bit old, but luckily, this gem has not been sold out. For those who don't know, "We Are a Happy Family" was originally released in 2003, there's a RHCP cover on it and John sings on the hidden track.