Red Hot Chili Peppers @ KBLT Radio


01. Been Insane (John)
02. How Could I Love Myself (Flea)
03. Skinny Sweaty Man
04. Jam
05. I Could Have Lied
06. Not Great Men
07. Ten To Butter Blood Voodoo (John)
08. Untitled #11 (John)
09. Flea Song
10. Love Them So (Flea) (a.k.a. “It Could Have Been”)
11. Police Helicopter
12. Soul To Squeeze
13. Nervous Breakdown (w/ Keith Morris)

KBLT Radio

The first show of the band since John’s comeback. The reunited foursome gave an acoustic performance while original Black Flag and former Circle Jerks singer Keith Morris — who was sitting in for regular DJ, ex-Minuteman Mike Watt — played host. John and Flea sang some of their solo songs. John also supposedly did “Been Insane” at the beginning of the show. Rumour has it that the complete show (inc. “Been Insane” and complete “Nervous Breakdown”) is out there.

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