John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement

La Scene, Paris – February 03rd, 2001

Photo by Julien Tessot

Photo by Julien Tessot

Date: Saturday, February 3rd 2001
Venue: La Scene, Paris, France
Attendees: Unknown
Audio/Video: YES | PARTIAL
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Ten tickets were given away for this show, in a competition arranged by the former RHCP official site and a fansite named Troublekids in Funkheaven.

  1. Been Insane
  2. So Would've I
  3. The First Season
  4. Life's a Bath
  5. Someone's
  6. New Dawn Fades (Joy Division)
  7. Representing
  8. Modern Love (David Bowie)
  9. Beat Down
  10. With No One
  11. Lucky (Radiohead)
  12. Untitled #11
  13. In Relief
  14. Jugband Blues (Pink Floyd)
  15. Your Pussy’s Glued to a Building on Fire
  16. Saturation [aborted]
  17. Ten to Butter Blood Voodoo
  18. Country Feedback (REM)
  19. Resolution
  20. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Bahaus)
  21. Going Inside
  22. Neighborhood Threat (Iggy Pop)
  23. Fallout
  24. Mascara
  25. Smile from the Streets You Hold
  26. Song for Toni
  27. Beginning Again



Review from [unknown]

The Red Hot Chili Peppers' guitarist had insured that he wouldn't be touring in a massive way for his new record "To Record Only Water For Ten days". Because of this, Paris was one of the only third dates of his mini-tour. Put comfortable by the private showcase's ambiance, Frusciante devoted himself to one hour and a half to play some songs of his own repertoire as well as covers of artists who have marked his life. Alone with his acoustic guitar, Frusciante have given one more time the proof that talent and neurosis aren't incompatible. He announces that he's going to play one of his new record's title, begins it, then acknowledges that he doesn't remember the lyrics, and gives up after thirty seconds to change for another song. Definitely badly recovered from illicit substances' abuse that he had gulp down in industrial quantities for years, Frusciante behaves on scene as if he was a sad clown, more worried by problems that we could read in his texts if these last weren't as blurred as they are. Between every track (for his, or for the covers he does, whereas it is Joy Division's ones, Radiohead's or Bob Dylan's), Frusciante absorbs a suspect liquid contained in a Vittel's bottle, snuffles his snot, spits out in a bowl foreseen for that purpose, and smiles in front of an audience that he disconcerts and manages (after all) to touch. Not always capable of singing his tracks by heart, John Frusciante make himself just more touching when the unexpected happens ( an oversight or even a little spit), and forges-up his irreproachable setlist into a wide-opened diary.
- Thomas Vandenberghe for a magazine we can't manage to identify, but you can help.

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