John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement

Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara – April 26th, 2001

Date: Thursday, April 26th 2001
Venue: Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara, USA
Attendees: Unknown
Audio/Video: YES | NO
Photo Albums: NO

John opened for Jane's Addiction

  1. So Would've I
  2. Beat Down
  3. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Bahaus)
  4. Going Inside
  5. Snowblind (Black Sabbath)
  6. New Dawn Fades (Joy Division)
  7. Runaway (Del Shannon)
  8. Strange Love (Depeche Mode)


I was at this show, he opened for Jane's Addiction. John played great, but got a little loopy, was drinking this stuff that made him seem drunk, and, well, he was getting heckled, but totally ripped on his hecklers, it was awesome, he cracked me up! As soon as he was escorted off stage by their tour manager Louie, Jane's started playing. It was crazy, but very f*cking rock and roll!
- Tom (originally submitted to jftab, nowadays only a tabs archive)