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Other Bands

This page contains brief information on other bands/one-off projects John was a part of - either live only, never released or just for a single 7" or EP release.


H_A_T_EH.A.T.E. (Hops, Anarchy, Truth For Everyone) was a short-lived side project of Angelo Moore, founder of Fishbone; with Moore himself on vocals, John Frusciante on guitar, Flea on bass and Nik Alexander (formerly of Germs) on drums.

They were covering songs by other, mostly hardcore artists. Some sources hint that H.A.T.E. was forced to break up in 1991 after too many Red Hot Chili Peppers' fans started turning up at their shows, but this was never confirmed. A significant portion of H.A.T.E. live was filmed by Richard D. White and it surfaced on YouTube in 2007. There are no known H.A.T.E. studio recordings.

Songs HA.T.E. covered
Bad Brains - Sailin' On
The Beatles - Helter Skelter
Black Flag - Jealous Again
Circle Jerks - Red Tape
Dead Kennedys - Police Truck
Minor Threat - Straight Edge
Minutemen - This Ain't No Pic Nic

Known H.A.T.E. shows
August 20th, 1989 @ Second Coming
March 16th, 1991 @ Club Lingerie

Kimono Kult

Kimono KultJokingly dubbed a supergroup by the media, Kimono Kult is a band consisting of six musicians: Teri Gender Bender, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Nicole Turley, John Frusciante, Laena Geronimo and Dante White.

Gender Bender fronts the band, writes lyrics and sings, while Turley handles all the production duties. The band's lyrics are both in English and Spanish and the range of genres covered in their music is (un)surprisingly wide.

Kimono Kult's debut EP, Hiding In Light was released only in digital format, on March 4th, 2014. It consists of four songs and if one purchases it directly from Neurotic Yell Records, two VAGENDA remixes are included in the download.

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Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - guitar, synths, strings
Teri Gender Bender - vocals, guitar, lyrics
John Frusciante - guitar
Nicole Turley - drum machine, bass, synths, trumpets, backing vocals, recording, mixing, production, mastering
Dante White-Aliano - guitar, synths
Laena Geronimo - bass, violin, trumpets


still_joy_division_cover_bandStill was an one-time Joy Division cover band. John sung and played guitar (thus being Ian Curtis and Bernard Somner at the same time), Flea played bass (thus being Peter Hook) and Josh Klinghoffer was on drums (thus being Stephen Morris).

The band played a single show at the Spaceland in Hollywood on October 10th, 2000 and the audio recording was made available to download more than eight years later. Video bootleg has not been released as of 2014, as per Still's wishes.

Three Amoebas

Three Amoebas was a jam band that existed in mid-1990s, during John's years away from public. The other two band members were Flea and Stephen Perkins. According to old interviews, they have composed 10-15 hours of instrumental rock music. There were rumours of Three Amoebas' music being released but nothing was heard about that after 1997.