New releases

  • Vinyls from 2004 to 2009 to be reissued!

    There have been rumours regarding this for quite a while and - whatdoyaknow - they were all true. John's entire catalog with Record Collection Music, which means the albums and EPs from The Will To Death On, is available for pre-order on vinyl. You can get the albums separately, in a bundle, or together with this year's releases in case you're still catching up. So...dust off your turntables, audiophiles!

  • Letur Lefr and PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone thumbnail

    Letur-Lefr EP in July, PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone LP in September!

    Just like it was reported John is releasing Letur-Lefr EP in July and you can pre-order it, but that is not where it stops, as a full-length album named PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone is set to drop late in September; and we'll also get a free download of a song named Walls and Doors. The maestro plays all instruments and he engineered the albums by himself. As far as is concerned, the world can end after this, if it wants to!

  • No picture yet.

    Letur-Lefr, John’s new solo release, out 9th July!

    It's been a long time coming, but this wait was totally worth the while! John is going to release a new five-song EP titled Letur-Lefr this summer. He's also created artwork for it. The EP will be released in multiple formats, including cassette tapes. More information on this to follow soon, so...stay tuned and be happy!

  • Swahili Blonde - Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink

    Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink out today

    Swahili Blonde’s second album, Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink is out today, albeit only in physical form. The streams are not available for download, for an unknown reason. There are copies left, so go and order it on Swahili Blonde’s BandCamp page. And check out their other online outlets for shows, if you’re interested in seeing them live. For your reference, another person plays guitar as a part of their live set.

  • Speed Dealer Moms

    Speed Dealer Moms’ digital single is out!

    It’s here! As of today, if you have purchased Speed Dealer Moms’ very first single, it should be available for download in either .mp3 or .wav format. And, naturally, if you have not pre-ordered it, you can get the downloads now or pre-order the single which will be out in a short while, due to a previously explained delay. The vinyls will most likely be sent out after the holiday season, so keep an eye on your mailboxes in January. The track listing of this single is, as follows: Side A: March_Three-3 (06:35) Side B: March_Four (10:04) Upon ordering it or, if you have pre-ordered it, go to my downloads…

  • Swahili Blonde’s Man Meat – (digital) out today, live tonight

    Are you excited? Swahili Blonde’s Man Meat is out…though only digitally. As it was stated previously, the set date for the vinyl LP release is not set in stone. If you need a reminder of why this album is important – John plays guitar on all seven songs and he co-wrote Tigress Ritual. Widgets If you’re feeling kind, buy one for your friends and relatives, too. ^_^ And don’t forget, the album release party is tonight and some of you will be there, which is absolutely awesome! Have the best time E-V-E-R, OK? OK! You might also want to read Previous post, with some exciting info and free mp3s…

  • Sepulcros De Miel by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quartet (featuring John) is out

    I did not want to write about this earlier, especially after having seen what kind of rude questions some people asked to the label, claiming that they cannot wait et cetera. But it’s not like the wait was long, as the second album of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez collaborating with John, this time in the form of the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez quartet was out a couple of minutes ago. It’s called Sepulcros De Miel (Tombs Of Honey) and paying for it is, once again, optional. The quartet consists of Juan Alderete De La Peña, Marcel Rodriguez Lopez, John Frusciante and Omar Rodriguez Lopez. You can get the album in a variety of bitrates…

  • Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante collab album is out!

    After a not-so-long-wait (if anyone thinks that was long, they should read how long fallout of uranium and plutonium takes), Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s collaboration with John is out via Sargent House/Rodriguez-Lopez Productions. There are seven track and, the elusive 0 and 0=2 have been released, too…so if you never got the November 2005 Goldstar Labs doughnut special edition vinyl, do not despair. You can get the album in a variety of bitrates and file types at the download page for Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante. Basically, the album is FREE to download and you can enter 0 as its price, but you could also be nice and make a donation…

  • Here, Air (13th song off The Empyrean) released on iTunes in USA

    First of all, for everyone who missed it, The Empyrean recordings, at least those meant to be public, contain 13 tracks, not 12. The 13th track is called Here, Air. After it appeared in an announcement on a future release on iTunes a year ago and disappeared soon after, nice people from Record Collection Music explained that it was meant to be a part of a 13-track digital re-release of The Empyrean, which contains the Japanese edition bonus tracks, Today and Ah Yom as well. This was in March 2009 and well, it’s been a long time. As of earlier today, Here, Air is available in the iTunes USA store.…

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