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  • John Frusciante, Jerry Bushner and Ian Mac Kaye at the Inner Ear Studio, Washington DC, USA in 2004

    Ian MacKaye on John, from Ultimate Guitar interview

    In an interview done early this month, prior to the announcement of John's new releases, his friend and the Minor Threat/Fugazi/The Evens frontman Ian MacKaye shared a couple of thoughts on the maestro's philosophy and called him a genius. He also said that he believes John is "pursuing something that has not yet been made" and "therefore cannot be described". Mysterious?

  • Guitar World readers' poll - Greatest Guitarist of All Time

    Guitar World’s Greatest Guitarists poll: John vs Omar

    As if the cup system wasn't irritating enough in various sport competitions, the editors and staff of Guitar World have come up with The Greatest Guitarist of All Time poll, based entirely on readers' input. The first round has been going on throughout May and in one of the last head-to-head polls, they put John against his friend and collaborator, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Weird? Unfair? Both?

  • Bram van Splunteren in 2008

    Bram van Splunteren on filming John and RHCP

    In an exclusive interview for The Chili Source, Dutch film maker Bram Van Splunteren, the author of Dutch Connection, the award-winning documentary on the Red Hot Chili Peppers composed out of interviews formerly referred to as VPRO 1997, 1992 and 1994 shared his story of filming John Frusciante. The Chili Source: What do you think of the change that John has been through over the years? Bram van Splunteren: Hmm, I don’t know what to say. He has just overcome his addictions it seems and has become a more mature and responsible person. In the early days he was a very crazy and manic person, a good musician too, but…

  • Omar Rodriguez-Lopez on John’s complete body of a musician and more

    In a rather lengthy interview on Ultimate Guitar; Omar Rodriguez-Lopez was asked about many things, including John and his appearances on The Mars Volta’s albums, which eventually led to a very interesting and complex answer on two musicians’ relationship and what drives whom in music. Q: Former Red Hot Chili Pepper guitar player John Frusciante has been consistent with contributing guitar on the Mars Volta albums. How important has John been to your musical vision and guitar playing approach? A: John is responsible for raising the bar as the musician that I want and in executing my music. He made me realize there are musicians like him, those who are…

  • John and related topics on end of year and end of decade lists

    This should’ve probably gone online on the last day of 2009, but many websites and other publications have come up with such lists much later and apparently are still coming up with it; so this list might even end up being updated a couple more times. Read this post until its very end if you think something’s missing, because you can contribute to it. The Empyrean in best of 2009 lists: Popwrecking – Adam Leroy names The Empyrean best album of 2009 and says: The Empyrean opens with an extended guitar solo workout that recalls Pink Floyd Meddle-era. Thus begins a journey that is equal parts rock and folk meshed…

  • Press’ reactions on Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame nominations

    As we all learnt a couple of days ago, Red Hot Chili Peppers were nominated for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Since then, media has reacted, many analysysts, critics and others have come up with their views on this. Let’s see what they’re saying. PopMatters have been really nice. You can read the whole article written by AJ Ramirez, here, while the bit about RHCP follows: To think, that even a few years back the idea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers being the next alternative rock back to follow R.E.M. into the Hall would have seemed fanciful. However, over the last decade the Chili Peppers have transformed…

  • MusicRadar places John on the list of 35 Fender Stratocaster stars

    In their feature with photos and descriptions of each player’s style and story of how they came to be that great; MusicRadar have, of course, listed John. The article begins here and what they said about him is here. Before reuniting with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1998, John Frusciante lost his teeth to drug addiction. The following decade would see him crawl back to a creative peak and release an astonishing body of work of which his ‘day job’ as a funkateer alongside Anthony Kiedis and co is only one facet. Despite the huge variety of sounds and instruments he uses, it’s those Bold As Love-style embellished rhythm…

  • Anthony Famiglietti, Olympic steeplechaser, shares his love for John’s music

    American track and field athlete Anthony Famiglietti is featured in the New Music Mondays section of Runners’ World. He made an iTunes playlist to showcase his favourite song and his taste is pretty interesting. His favourite musician happens to be…John Frusciante! One song off To Record Only Water For Ten Days and one off The Empyrean have made it to his selection. “Representing” (Track 8): “This song has a really unique sound that I like. When I first found this album, To Record Only Water for Ten Days. I listened to it every day for weeks.” “Song to the Siren” (Track 9): “My number 1 pre-race song now. The lyrics…

  • The Heart Is A Drum Machine to premiere in Los Angeles on 25th April

    For everyone who’s interested: LA Premiere of our new music documentary The Heart is a Drum Machine takes place on Saturday, April 25th at 8PM at the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood. There are still some tickets left so please see attached for more details. All proceeds from the event go to the Charles Mingus Youth Arts Center in Watts. Click the image on the side to view the premiere poster in a more suitable size. To read more about the film, see some stills and the trailer, hop back to this news item. Many thanks to Ryan Page, the film’s producer for the heads-up. Tickets are available at as…

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