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John and Chad working with Glenn Hughes

September 7, 2004 Comments Off on John and Chad working with Glenn Hughes

I’ve come accross this last night, thanks to Sally:)
The news snippet was kindly lifted from Here’s what Glenn Hughes said in the diary thing…
I was working with Chad and John Frusciante at Sound Image on Friday. We recorded a special song that will be released next year. It is a mind blower.
There’s a photo […]

Vincent Gallo mentions John…

September 5, 2004 1 Response

Vincent Gallo has mentioned John twice in two of his recent interviews.
The first article can be found here and this is the bit where John’s being mentioned…
O: So you’ll indulge anyone?
VG: I’ll indulge anyone. Not because I’m interested, and not because it feels good, but because I don’t know how to get out of […]

The fans’ tribute album!

September 2, 2004 Comments Off on The fans’ tribute album!

Thanks to official site and Universally Speaking…
John Frusciante fans around the world have come together to return a musical gift in their very own sweet way by composing a whole album’s worth of original music inspired by and for John Frusciante!
This “Tribute For John Frusciante by Fans” album will be sent as a real album […]

DC EP samples….

September 1, 2004 Comments Off on DC EP samples….

Thanks to Mila for these…go to this site to hear tiny wee bits of DC EP 😀

John’s guest appearance on Omar’s album

August 31, 2004 Comments Off on John’s guest appearance on Omar’s album

Omar Rodriguez’s solo album A Manual Dexterity is out now and here’s a list of tracks where John is playing instruments…thanks to Sandra at Ramparts forum. :wub:
2. Dyna Sark Arches
Omar: guitars, bass, percussion, hand claps, organ, roland sh101
Blake Fleming: drums, hand claps
Cedric Bixler-Zavala: percussion, hand claps
Jeremy Michael Ward: melodica
John Frusciante: mini moog
3. Here The Tame […]

Q Magazine…

August 29, 2004 Comments Off on Q Magazine…

John nominated Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (Led Zep) as one of the greatest songwriters of all time in the latest edition of Q Magazine. Here’s what John said…
“To me, the songs that Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have given us are more like communications for the gods than songs written by human beings. The […]

Names of two more albums…

August 24, 2004 Comments Off on Names of two more albums…

The titles for the two releases after “DC EP” are official now…and they are….drumroll, please….
Inside of Emptiness – 26th October 2004
A Sphere In The Heat of Silence – 23.11.2004

Footage of the LA concert to be shown on ARTE-TV

August 21, 2004 Comments Off on Footage of the LA concert to be shown on ARTE-TV

Kindly lifted from Michael Rother .de
German/French TV channel “ARTE” will show an interview with Michael Rother, John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer and excerpts of their LA concert at the Knitting Factory of 05 August 2004 in the music program “LIVE in Tracks” on 07 October 2004.
This website has also mentioned that 4th Dimension is offering […]

John to perform at Ramones’ party…

August 19, 2004 Comments Off on John to perform at Ramones’ party…

This news was kindly lifted from
Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea and John Frusciante are among the acts scheduled to perform at the Ramones’ 30th anniversary party September 12 at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood. Henry Rollins, Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, Pete Yorn, Rooney’s Robert Carmine, Bad […]

Automatic Writing samples

August 10, 2004 Comments Off on Automatic Writing samples

On official site, when you click on “music”, you can hear full song “The Sides”.
The other samples can be found here. Enjoy, it’s very good.
The e-card can be found here. It takes awhile to load, but it features pics, bios and music:)

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