• The Will To Death track listing

    01. A Doubt 02. An Exercise 03. Time Runs Out 04. Loss 05. Unchanging 06. The Mirror 07. A Loop 08. Wishing 09. Far Away 10. The Days Have Turned 11. Helical 12. The Will to Death

  • Hold on tight, there’s more to come this year!

    (as said on the official site) John Frusciante recordings will now be coming out on the Record Collection label. There are six releases scheduled at this time, all expected to be out before the years end. The first of these is called The Will to Death. It will be in stores June 22nd and will be under his own name. All the instruments are played by his friend Josh Klinghoffer and himself. Some releases will not be under John’s name, such as Ataxia, his project with Joe Lally of Fugazi and Josh Klinghoffer. The first Ataxia record will come out on August 10th. The other four records are all solo…

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