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Saturday question #6: Do you REALLY believe in everything you read?

March 14, 2009 12 Responses

Welcome to the sixth edition of Saturday questions. The more or less absurd discussion from the last two days was a direct inspiration for this week’s question.
Back in November 2008, the very subject of this website said:
I’ll just write whatever I feel like saying whenever I feel like doing it. I don’t like the old […]

John in the March issue of Guitarist & Bass magazine, France

Guitarist & Bass, March 2009 March 12, 2009 42 Responses

John is on the cover of the current issue of the French magazine Guitarist & Bass and there’s an article on him, too. The tagline is Next to heaven.
Here’s a translated excerpt from the article:
I’m not interested in being in a band anymore; because during the last 10 years, I’ve spent more than 4 years […]

A chance to win Bang Face weekender tickets if you create a cool banner and attend a party

March 11, 2009 Comments Off on A chance to win Bang Face weekender tickets if you create a cool banner and attend a party

If you live in UK (or can be there on Friday) and have not managed to acquire tickets for the Bang Face weekender or you have heard about John and Venetian Snares performing there way too late; there’s a chance for you to win free tickets for the event!
On 13th March, Bang Face hosts their […]

Site updates – 09th March 2009

March 9, 2009 1 Response

Wow, at last: a “classic” update. Some of these things were meant to be parts of the last update in 2008, but they didn’t make it to it. Things got busy and the computer associated with this website graced the floor with a bunch of droppings three times in two months until it ended […]

Saturday question #5: Cover songs

March 7, 2009 32 Responses

Welcome to the fifth edition of Saturday question, split in three pieces. This has been a busy week on Invisible Movement and I assume everyone will take some rest this weekend. I do hope that everyone who felt like it donated to the site. A couple more smaller donations will lead to paying both hosting […]

News on Bob And The Monster + the documentary’s director needs your help!

March 6, 2009 4 Responses

As reported a little more than six months ago; John – as well as Anthony Kiedis and Flea – will be appearing in a documentary film about Bob Forrest, titled Bob And The Monster. Even though it is not stated in the more revent news items, Keirda Bahruth, the director of this upcoming effort, was […]

Happy birthday to John! / project is no longer secret…

March 5, 2009 29 Responses

First and obvious, John is 39 years old today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Now, the time has come to reveal the Super-Secret Project 2009. As some people might’ve guessed, it was meant to be released today.
On 23rd January, while sitting and reading a piece of text that couldn’t have been any simpler, yet more goosebumps-worthy; I came […]

Guitar Player, April 2009 issue – scanned and typed out

March 3, 2009 1 Response

In some countries, they’re celebrating Hinamatsuri today; in some others, they only remember the inventor of telephone as he was born on 03.03, too. On, we’re embracing the power fo more modern means of communication and the beauty of new media…
…in other words, John is featured in yet another magazine that’s out. It’s Guitar […]

Updated link to Way Down & an interview with its director

March 3, 2009 Comments Off on Updated link to Way Down & an interview with its director

Since the video posted two days ago was apparently on YouTube without Squeak E. Clean Productions’ permission; it was removed and the staff of Boing Boing have uploaded a new version of it at this address. There’s an interview with its director, Syd Garon. I’m posting a small excerpt here, go to the site to […]

Invisible Movement + YFIGTASOF donation rally 2009 is on!

March 2, 2009 Comments Off on Invisible Movement + YFIGTASOF donation rally 2009 is on!

As the longer-term visitors to this website and its forum probably remember well; Invisible Movement had to move servers in November 2006, in a very delicate moment. A bunch of people donated for the new hosting account. For a variety of reasons, I have decided to fund this website by visitors’ donations once more in […]