John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement

Fanclub letter, 1991

Added: March 3, 2008

Hello, We are going to Hawaii tomorrow to play a couple of shows, breathe underwater, and jump off cliffs into clean water. About a week after we get back we are going into a mansion to record our record which means that by the time you're reading this, we will be in the middle of the recording. Studios can feel like a plastic toilet seat sometimes so, by doing our record in a house we will capture a real warm feeling and lots of laughter. We have so many new songs and I am so happy that Anthony, Flea, Chad and myself have grabbed the music by its invisible tail in the air where it was a bunch of bodies of cosmic dust and turned it into a bunch of songs that will make many people happy for as long as this planet manages to stay around. We have written so many different styles of stuff and it is all beautiful, powerful, magical, soulful, etc. to infinity. I personally have been painting just about every day and it cleanses my soul and helps me do the only thing I want which is to stay as creative as possible in as many ways as possible. If there is anyone reading this who doesn't already play music or write stories, or write poetry or painted or draw or gamble or anything you should go to the art store, buy some water colors and paper and throw paint on the paper, and see what happens. Don't try to be good, just do it for fun and you will realize once again that you are alive and wide awake. Take advantage of it!

Love, John Frusciante